Commercial LED Bollard Lights

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CONO 26w Bollard Light
17w LED Cone Reflector Bollard Light
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25w Louvered Bollard Light
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ROGO 38w Bollard Light

Learn About Commercial LED Bollard Lights

Commercial LED bollard lights are versatile — and they’re everywhere! In urban and suburban areas, bollard lights are commonly used to illuminate walkways, parking lots, boardwalks, pathways, and building entrances. Used as walkway lights in commercial, municipal, hospitality, and residential applications, bollard lights provide illumination for safe egress, enhanced security, and of course, ambiance. Access Fixtures’ bollard lights are available in a huge variety of styles, colors, finishes, and sizes to provide the pathway lights you need for your application.  



Commercial Bollard Light Optics


The first factor that one must consider when purchasing bollard lights is optics. Choice of optics determines how light is distributed. Walkway lights by Access Fixtures and specifically bollard lights have three main types of optics:

  • Louvers: Bollard lights with louvers, such as the VAND or LUVO bollard lights,  emit light down toward the ground. The LEDs are mounted in the head aiming down and out. The louvers block the light source from direct view  reducing glare and serving as excellent walkway lights.
  • Prismatic Glass: Prismatic glass provides a view of the light source through prismatic, borosilicate glass. This provides a softly diffused effect and pleasant ambiance. Type V has broad light distribution and high efficacy. The effect is similar to a post-lamp light fixture, but the light is less intense and is refracted by the glass. If light trespass is an issue, an optional light shield is available to prevent this.
  • Cone Reflector: Bollards with cone reflectors provide an abundance of light. The light source is inside and beneath the cone. Light is bounced off the top of the reflector and then off the outside of the cone, directing the light up and outwards.


Commercial Bollard Light Styles

Bollard light fixtures are available in different shapes, the most common of which are round and square. Round bollards come with a choice of dome or flat top, while square bollard lights are available exclusively with flat tops. Dome top bollard lights may be more suited to college campuses and areas outside of bars and restaurants for the simple reason that people cannot rest drinks on top of them. Square flat-top bollard lights lend an architectural air of elegance to a garden or pathway. No matter the application, there is an Access Fixtures bollard light style to fit your desire. Choose the design that best fits in your space. Some examples of bollard lights sold by Access Fixtures with unique styles are listed below.

  • CURV – CURV is a unique architectural bollard light with a modern design and extreme life.
  • VAND – The VAND has a rugged, vandal resistant exterior and a sleek open louvered design.
  • ATRI – A unique open design makes the ATRI very aesthetically modern. Available in both round flat-top and square flat-top design.
  • TEFA– This bollard light is available in both square and round flat-top design.
  • BOLA, BOLI, BOLU, BOLE,  & BOLO – These bollard lights are solar-powered and come in various styles including round flat top, tapered flat top, and more.
  • LOPA – LOPA is a bollard light that features a unique opalescent shatter resistant polycarbonate lens that creates a softly diffused effect.


Bollard Light Functions

Access Fixtures bollard lights are also available in different functional styles as well.

  • Turtle-Friendly: Access Fixtures’ turtle-friendly bollard lights emit amber light at 590 nanometers so that turtles and wildlife cannot see it.
  • Marine Grade: MARI bollard lights are finished in a marine-grade coating and have no exterior lens, perfect for beachside areas.
  • Stainless Steel: 316 stainless steel bollards are the most durable and heavy-duty bollards currently offered.
  • Vandal-Resistant: VAND vandal resistant bollards have no exterior lens, are louvered, and come in extra-tall sizes.
  • Medium Socket: Medium-socket bollard lights allow for quick and easy replacement of LED lamps.
  • Solar Bollard Lights: Access fixtures has a line of completely solar powered LED bollard lights. These bollards are available in multiple styles, Kelvins, heights, and come with everything included for an off-the-grid lighting solution.



Bollard Light Spacing


Once you’ve decided that you need bollard lights for your project, determining how many of them you need to purchase will first depend on how far apart they need to be spaced. Access Fixtures has ran photometric analyses of every bollard light style that is sold to determine the optimal spacing between groups of bollard lights. This is based on the idea that there should always be 1 footcandle of light on walkways and paths as shown in the image to the right. Click the “Bollard Light Spacing” image to the right to learn more about how to space your bollard lights.

If your lighting project requires a specific footcandle level, a photometric analysis can simulate the result of a proposed lighting solution before you purchase.


Bollard Light Installation

If you have old bollard lights and you are looking to replace them with new Access Fixtures bollard lights, there are several factors you must consider. If you need to pour new cement, visit this page and download Access Fixtures’ bollard light installation instructions PDF. In many cases, if the original bolts still remain in place, Access Fixtures’ SIRU bollard light replacement kit is an inexpensive and convenient way to replace your old bollard lights easily with new ones, no cement pouring needed.




Custom-Colored Bollard Lights


Why limit your new illuminated bollards to bronze or black when you can custom-finish bollard luminaires in any RAL color? RAL colors make up a universal color-matching system used to define standard colors for paint and coatings. With RAL colors, architects and project managers can seamlessly match the color of all fixtures and design elements on a property. Please note that custom-finished bollard lights can add up to three to six weeks to standard lead times


Bollard Lights and Voltage

Voltage for US residences is typically 120v, while residences in the Caribbean can be 120v or 240v depending on the island. The voltage in commercial facilities varies from 120v to 480v and commercial facilities frequently use multiple voltages. While the voltage at residential US and Caribbean properties is pretty straightforward, managers of commercial facilities in any location need to know the line voltage where the bollard light(s) are being installed. Bollard light fixtures must have a ballast or driver that works with the line voltage at the point of installation.

Since the voltage may not be known before purchasing, many bollard lights come equipped to handle multiple voltages. Many LED bollard luminaires have drivers that handle voltages from 120v to 277v.



Bollard Lights and Kelvin

Kelvin temperature can play an important role in the selection of a bollard light. Kelvin is a measurement of the warmth of a light source. Lower Kelvins can create a warm, homey atmosphere, while higher Kelvins are traditionally associated with corporate and industrial settings. Access Fixtures’ integrated LED array bollard lights are available in multiple choices of Kelvin, ranging from 2700K to 5700K.

Medium socket bollard lights are fully customizable — choose any lamp that fits inside in a wide range of Kelvin temperatures. Medium socket bollard lights generally fit most A19 and A21 lamps. Most customers choose bollard lights in 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K. Consult with a lighting specialist if you are wondering what Kelvin your bollard light project requires.


Commercial Stone and Concrete Bollard Lights

Are you looking for a different kind of bollard light than a traditional one piece fixture? Check out Access Fixtures’ new line of TOPR outdoor bollard light toppers. Also known as pillar top lights or outdoor column lights, these luminaires are meant to mount atop stone, wood, or concrete pillars that are 7″ x  7″ or 7″ in diameter. Easy flush mount design makes installation a breeze.

TOPR is available in bronze, black, or custom RAL to match any pillar. These fixtures are IP65 rated, extreme life, and available with either a clear or opalescent diffuser lens for maximum light output.

These fixtures eliminate the need to purchase an entire concrete or stone bollard light in one go and save money and time while providing a unique architectural solution for those looking for lighting along walkways, entranceways, driveways, parking lots, hospitality buildings, and more.

For more information about commercial stone and concrete TOPR fixtures, click the image to the right.



solar bollard lights
horizontal illuminance and vertical illuminance

LED Commercial Bollard Light Families

Access Fixtures carries many different styles of bollard lights. Each of these bollard light models is known for its own unique benefits and features. Expand the accordion tabs below to see what makes all of Access Fixtures’ bollard lights so special.


TEFA, CONA, and LUVO LED bollard lights are available in many different wattages, designs, and finishes. These are also available in medium-socket models for simple lamp replacement. TEFA has Type 5 optics, LUVO has louvers, and CONA has cone optics.

Here are some other features of these models that make them some of Access Fixtures’ most popular bollards:

  • Available in stainless steel LED Bollard Lights
  • L70 rated at 50,000 hours
  • Choice of Kelvin
  • Choice of RAL color
  • Optional 180 degree shield
  • 7″ base diameter
  • Corrosion resistant extruded aluminum exterior
  • IP65 rated against dust and water
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty




VAND is a unique louvered lens-free bollard light from Access fixtures that is vandal-resistant and available in three heights: 40″, 72,”, and 90″. This bollard light is available in turtle-friendly nanometers. VAND is perfect for areas with high foot traffic.

Here are some other features of VAND that make it one of Access Fixtures’ most popular bollards:

  • Louvered 360 degree light projecting designVAND 90-Inch LED Bollard Light parking lot applicaiton
  • L70 rated at 50,000 hours
  • Choice of Kelvin
  • Choice of RAL color
  • 8″ base diameter
  • Corrosion resistant extruded aluminum exterior
  • IP65 rated against dust and water
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty




MARI is Access Fixtures’ marine-grade bollard light model. MARI is durable and coated in a marine-grade coating on the inside and outside of the fixture. This allows them to withstand salt spray and humidity for a very long time.

Here are some other features of the MARI that make it a number one choice for beachfront areas

  • L70 rated at 50,000 hours
  • Available in 25 and 35w
  • Choice of Kelvin
  • Choice of RAL color
  • 8″ base diameter
  • Lens-free design
  • IP65 rated against dust and water
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty




ATRI is a unique architectural bollard light designed to illuminate walkways, entranceways, and municipal areas. It has an elegant open design and is available in square and round styles.

Here are some other features of the ATRI that make it perfect for walkways and entranceways:


  • L70 rated at 187,000 hours
    21w round walkway light at night
  • Available in 21w
  • Choice of Kelvin
  • 4.75″ base diameter, 10.25″ top diameter
  • Custom heights available
  • IP66 Rating
  • Optional surge protection
  • Choice of color
  • Corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum finish
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty




VENU is an architectural bollard style available in both round top and square top, and with louvers and cone optics. VENU is available in multiple heights and turtle-friendly nanometers. Each of these designs is available in both 25w and 35w.

Here are some other features of the VENU that make it perfect for outdoor commercial applications:


  • L70 rated at 50,000 hoursVENU LED Bollard Lights
  • Choice of color
  • Choice of Kelvin
  • Sleek white louvers
  • 8″ diameter
  • IP66 Rating
  • Corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum finish
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty




OPPE is Access Fixtures’ IP67 rated bollard light. It has a unique square or round design coupled with a cone reflector and sturdy extruded aluminum housing. OPPE is available in 26w.

Here are some other features of the OPPE that make it perfect for outdoor commercial applications:


  • L70 rated at 50,000 hours
  • Choice of color
  • Choice of Kelvin
  • 7″ diameter
  • Surge protector optional
  • Custom heights available
  • IP67 rating
  • 5-Year Access Fixtures warranty




CLYD is Access Fixtures’ compact, full-cutoff bollard light. This bollard comes with three different shielding options so that you can direct the light exactly where you need to.

Here are some other features of the CLYD that make it perfect for outdoor commercial applications:


  • 19w integrated LED
  • Dimmable 0-10v
  • 122v-277v
  • Type 5 wide optics
  • Up to 674 lumens
  • 80 CRI
  • 147,000 hour L70 rated life
  • IP66 rated against dust and water
  • Anchor bolts, mounting templates included




ARIE is Access Fixtures’ extreme-life open-top bollard light. This bollard features a unique sandcast twin head with a shatterproof lens.

Here are some other features of the ARIE that make it perfect for outdoor commercial applications:


  • Anchor bolts, mounting templates, vandal-resistant screws
  • 19w integrated LED
  • Dimmable 0-10v
  • 120v-277v (also available in 347v)
  • 2,081 Lumens
  • 187,000 hour L70 rated life



Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Choosing the Right Fixture

Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for all light fixtures needed to suitably illuminate your property. If you have a lighting question, we will be glad to answer your questions. We want to make sure you get the exact fixture for your needs, your budget, and your goals. We are passionate about lighting and love what we do—we’ll get you an answer. To speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist, call (800) 468-9925.