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Outdoor Pathway LightingWORCESTER, MA, November 2017—Access Fixtures announces the newly available 3000K color temperature in a large selection of their bollard and outdoor path lighting fixtures. Now available in 3000K, this warm-white Kelvin temperature is a calm and inviting color suitable for decorative, outdoor lighting for spaces such as outdoor path lighting, restaurant and hotel entrances, and other outdoor spaces.

3000K light ranges in color from orange to a yellow-white. 3000K is a popular choice for its ability to deliver sufficient light without being too harsh to look at. This Kelvin temperature is available across a range of Access Fixtures bollard light product families, such as: MARI, VAND, VENU, and a selection of outdoor path lighting fixtures. 3000K may better match your existing ambient outdoor lighting or help make an outdoor space more inviting.

With a similar look and feel to indoor lighting, 3000K is often used in outdoor seating areas for restaurants and hotels to create a warm and calming environment. Alternative, “cooler” color temperatures like 5000K are often too bright for outdoor facilities that require this kind of gentle light. The reliability and customization of 3000K provides means you do not have to compromise on getting the exact light you want for your space.

“The glare from higher Kelvin temperatures can be tough on the eyes,” says Alex Guarco, of Access Fixtures. “3000K makes it easy to achieve sufficient light levels in an agreeable, warm display of light.”


Outdoor Pathway LightingChoose 3000K from Access Fixtures’ marine-grade MARI bollard light product family for the perfect ambient ocean-front lighting; tough enough to withstand just about any weather condition you can throw at it. From the VENU family, 3000K louvered fixtures are perfect for outdoor commercial spaces requiring equal parts light distribution, ambience, and style.

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