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Access Fixtures has extended their line of quality, high-value, led sports lighting systems to include LED volleyball court lighting. From recreational and club players to the highest level of professional competition, associations and facilities will find many benefits from the choice of or switch to LED court lighting.

LED lighting has been rapidly displacing older technologies for many reasons, primary among them its far greater light output per watt of energy. The new LED Volleyball court lighting system from Access Fixtures provides an outstanding 140 lumens per watt while reducing energy use by 50% as compared to traditional Pulse Start-Metal Halide lighting systems.

Access Fixtures’ LED Volleyball Lighting system ships complete with two 25-foot square steel poles, four 378w LED fixtures, and two mounting arms. This layout provides even lighting across the entire volleyball court with an average of 27.67 footcandles across the court. This even lighting ensures players will be able to see the ball during play without fixtures or poles obstructing views. Maintenance of the lighting system is reduced by using LED fixtures that are rated for 100,000 hours of use, completely removing the need for re-lamping.

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