Everyone knows it’s important to stay active. Some talk a daily walk. Some go to the gym. Others, like Chicago’s Gallagher family, who don’t want to be cooped up indoors all winter, build skating rinks in their backyard, light them up with Access Fixtures LED sports lighting, and are then featured in the media because of it.

As mentioned in previous blogs, the family’s sand volleyball court has been transformed into a giant ice rink for the past five winters. Access Fixtures lighting specialists designed an LED lighting system that provides even light across the rink, enabling the family and their friends to skate well into the evening.


Neighborhood children between the ages of 10-19 frequently use the family’s rink, which uses Access fixtures LED lighting.

According to DNAinfo Chicago, dozens of neighborhood children have been enjoying the rink this winter. The recent brutally cold temperatures in Chicago were, surprisingly enough, a blessing for the kids who were able to play hockey until the early hours of the morning.

Even with the family’s two-car garage turning into a hockey surplus store, Mary Cook-Gallagher doesn’t mind. “I’d rather the kids be here and doing something like that than sitting idle somewhere else,” Cook-Gallagher told DNAinfo.com.
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