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Summer is coming to an end, but the games don’t have to! As the days get shorter, now is the time to think about updating those outdated sports lighting fixtures and maximize your time on the court. Access Fixtures’ LS1-certified lighting specialists have been helping customers discover the benefits of LED sports lighting upgrades with reduced pricing on energy-efficient LEDs for basketball courts and tennis courts; Access Fixtures now offers affordable LED shuffleboard court lighting, too.

Shuffleboard, an Old-School Pastime

Shuffleboard is one of the oldest known sports, with a history so long and vague that no one is really sure where the game originated. It is a relaxing game where players push disks into strategic zones with sticks in order to gain points. The 95w LED shuffleboard court lighting package from Access Fixtures is designed with two twenty-foot poles at each end of the court to provide the optimum level of light for keeping track of the shuffleboard puck.

Why You Should Upgrade to Affordable LED Shuffleboard Court Lighting

As LED technology advances, the cost of production is decreasing, making LED fixtures more affordable than ever. Affordable LED shuffleboard court lighting from Access Fixtures is more efficient than traditional pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) fixtures. The package includes two 95w high-output LED flood lights with an average output of 140 lumens per watt. Customers who upgrade their outdated shuffleboard court lighting to LED will see long-term savings on their energy bill and will virtually eliminate maintenance costs, given the 100,000-hour operating life of LEDs. Dimming options are also available upon request.

High-Quality, Long-Term Savings with LED

Affordable LED shuffleboard court lighting from Access Fixtures is perfect for retirement homes, schools, public parks, and recreational facilities. LED is quickly becoming the lighting choice of the future—will your shuffleboard court keep up with the times? Call an Access Fixtures specialist today and see how you can upgrade your shuffleboard court lighting today!