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This post will work to make clear the benefits of choosing a higher voltage fixture. 

For a project I recently oversaw, I was asked to provide provided several options highlighting the differences between each.  One detail I made sure to include was a 120v versus a 240v system.  The electrical contractor was impressed by the amount of energy that could be saved by choosing a higher voltage fixture.  Using a higher voltage also allowed the contractor to hugely cut the copper wire requirements and cost of installation for the project.

I always use the best fixtures in my work and this project was no compromise; the court lighting was constructed from all  top shelf components.  Each fixture was assembled in the United States with commercial- grade die-cast aluminum housings and a major US brand bulb and ballast. Each fixture was individually bench tested at the factory for quality control.  The luminaires have a premium finish super durable chromate conversion coating and textured bronze finish for ultimate weather proofing.  To see the fixtures I used for this project click HERE.

For a 6600w Tennis court project, the following figures illustrate the benefit of a higher voltage fixture.


A 120v court setup requires 31.79 Amps, while a 240v setup only requires 15.89 Amps.

*The above calculations are estimates not exact figures.

It’s no joke, if you have the flexibility to use a higher voltage, your choice to do so will save a huge amount of money on the installation and even more in long term energy reduction as well.