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There are people out there trying to use lights to change the world for the better! According to LEDs magazine, Philips, or Royal Philips Electronics, has recently unveiled a plan to install 100 solar powered LED lighting centers across Africa. These new lighting centers will be conducive to sport, education, healthcare and commerce in areas that were previously off the grid.





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The effort by Philips comes in lieu of the Sustainable Energy for All initiative by the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. This initiative simply aims for sustainable energy to be accessible to all. The initiative, if successful, will double the worldwide growth of upgrades in energy efficiency and double the amount of renewable energy worldwide.


So far, Philips has installed centers in Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya and South Africa, and is not stopping there. Philips plans to continue work on this initiative for the next three years, putting in almost $1.5 million dollars. Additionally, these centers will be sustainable for the communities they are put into, a huge concern when developing new technologies in remote areas.


Well Philips, great work. We at Access Fixtures commend you.


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