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LED Flood LightWORCESTER, MA, January 2018—Access Fixtures launches APTI LED flood light fixtures. These efficient, low-profile, IP67-rated flood lights represent the latest in LED flood light technology and commercial lighting design. Featuring an incredible L70 rated life of 200,000 hours, the APTI flood light offers intuitive modular LED arrays, easy mounting, 1,000-hour salt-spray protection, and quick shipping. In efficiency, lumen output, and easy customization, the APTI LED flood lights offer impressive performance, emitting up to 115,680 lumens at an efficacy of 120 lumens per watt.

Available from 485 to 964 watts, these fixtures provide you with the flexibility to find the perfect solution for your project. With such an impressive output, this gives you the option to mount your APTI flood light at a wide range of heights and still receive a terrific amount of landed light. Does your project require a specific beam spread? No problem. Access Fixtures makes it easy by offering a range of over twenty distribution patterns, with beam spread options from wide to narrow to ensure you find the best lighting for your project. Designed for easy maintenance and reliability, these die-cast aluminum APTI flood lights with corrosion-resistant powder coatings are available in a range of colors. If black, bronze, gray, or white doesn’t suit your aesthetic, choose from any RAL color to fully customize the color of your fixture.

“The impressive LED modules boast IP67 ratings,” says Alex Guarco, of Access Fixtures. “This rating ensures the APTI flood lights are fully protected against dust and water submersion, making them extremely durable and reliable.”


With their efficiency, lumen output, and many customization options, lighting your flood or area lighting project is a breeze with APTI. Explore the APTI family from Access Fixtures to ensure your project achieves the best light it requires.

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