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If you’re looking for rugged, durable LED wall pack lights truly loaded with options, the APTU is exactly what you need. This wall pack is structurally similar to our APTA and APTI floodlights and sports lighters with a unique wall mount design. APTU combines the power of low-profile, modular LED technology with the variety of options that many customers need for their lighting projects such as choice of optics, Kelvins, wattages, and more.

Not Your Grandfather’s Wall Pack!

Unlike traditional lighting methods such as CFL or HPS, the APTU LED wall pack lasts longer and saves customers tremendous amounts of money on energy costs over time. The APTU wall pack is part of the new generation of LED light fixtures that continue to outperform traditional light sources in nearly every way.

Incredible Longevity, Incredible Durability

APTU wall packs are all L70 rated at over 200,000 hours, making them perfect for use outside of commercial buildings such as schools, warehouses, mills, and office buildings. They require little maintenance and eventually APTU, APTA, and APTI fixtures are all IP67 rated, meaning they are completely sealed from dust, water, and corrosion. Each module of the APTU wall pack fixtures is individually sealed and if in the rare event that one is broken, the others will continue to operate. APTU wall packs are even so airtight that they are submersible! IP67 fixtures are perfect for use anywhere but especially useful in outdoor locations prone to harsh weather.

Easy-Fix Modules

As mentioned prior, each APTU wall pack is comprised of one or more modules. If one of the modules stops working, the others will continue to do their job. Modular design makes it easy and cost-efficient to replace a module if one of them breaks or is vandalized. If your APTU fixture is broken, simply call Access Fixtures and we will help you out. APTU wall packs come with a five-year Access Fixtures warranty in the event you should need it.



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Color Temperature Choices

APTU wall packs come in multiple Kelvin choices from 3000K to 5700K to suit any lighting ambiance. In addition, Access Fixtures carries warm 2200K HPS color match wall packs and turtle friendly lighting for use around beaches and turtle nesting areas. All color options provide 70+ standard CRI, but both 80+ and 90+ CRI are available as add-on options.

Options for Optics

One of the most convenient features of this wall pack is the sheer amount of optics choices that can be installed on your APTU to best suit your lighting needs. Optics determine the beam spread of light and whether the light falls in a particular pattern. Optic choices include 10, 25, 40, 60, 90, 120, or 150 degrees. A smaller optic degree such as 10 will create a narrower but more concentrated beam of light while a larger optic degree will create a wider but more dispersed beam of light. To determine which optic type will be best for your lighting project, contact Access Fixtures and ask for a photometric analysis.

Extra Add-Ons

Other options include standard 0-10v dimming capability or an added motion sensor. This choice allows for these wall packs to go on and off outside of office buildings or other commercial buildings at night without continuously wasting power. Bird spikes, which are easy to install and effective, are available to prevent nesting and landing on the APTU fixtures.

Need a Photometric Analysis for Your Project?

A photometric analysis is a computer simulation of a particular project. Whether using these fixtures to illuminate a parking lot, athletic field, rail yard, dock, or something else entirely, a photometric analysis is an easy way to quantify your light levels before making a big purchase. This service will provide average footcandles, max/min (uniformity) ratios, minimum footcandles, light trespass levels, and more. When the report(s) are generated, a lighting specialist will walk you through them, page by page, so you know exactly what you will be receiving. Call us at 800-468-9925 or email [email protected] for more information about ordering a photometric analysis for your project.

Ready to Order an APTU Wall Pack Fixture or Speak to a Lighting Specialist?

If you need some additional information about this fixture, give us a call at 800-468-9925. Of course, you can place your order online, right here, but our team is available to answer any questions that may come up. Does your project require multiple fixtures? Ask us about quantity discounts. We are here to provide anything you need to purchase fixtures and illuminate your project with confidence.