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Access Fixtures was recently contacted by an electrical contractor looking for an outdoor lighting option to illuminate a commercial property. They were looking for something affordable and unobtrusive that wouldn’t detract from the appearance of the building. Although they had looked at standard wall packs, they did not feel that the classic look and feel would fit with the aesthetic they were hoping to achieve.

Energy-Efficient Wall Packs for Commercial Properties

Access Fixtures carries a wide range of architectural wall packs that are designed to be sleek, modern alternatives to traditional wall pack styles. Various lamp types are available, and naturally, most architectural wall packs are available with LEDs. Styles include round wall packs, half bay wall packs, full cutoff wall sconce wall packs, and more. Vandal resistant versions are available for applications where style is relevant and vandal resistance is required. The contractor wanted to save energy as well as cost and felt that LEDs would be the best option.  The client chose nine 64w High Output LED Architectural Up/Down Wall Packs to light the property.

A Stylish Way to Save

With LEDs, the customer is able to achieve a vibrant 1,070 lumens for less energy, saving on long-term energy costs. The 64w high output packs have a Kelvin temperature of 4,000, which means they produce a bright white light similar to moonlight. They also come in 3,000K and 5,700K options. Their optimum operating life is an incredible 100,000 hours and virtually eliminates maintenance costs. Traditional wall packs work great but aren’t always the most decorative option, so our architectural wall packs are an alternative that can be mounted easily and discreetly for a stylish outward appearance that won’t detract from the building design.

Looking for a styling lighting option to light your commercial or residential property? Call an Access Fixtures specialist today and let us help you find the right style of architectural wall pack for your project!