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Access Fixtures and their clients—like architects, engineers, and designers—use AutoCAD 360 for easy viewing editing and collaborations on their drawings. Using only a phone or tablet, programs like this save time and money for clients. AutoCAD 360 recently updated their software to make it even simpler.

With AutoCAD 360’s updated mobile converter and cad viewer, Access Fixtures’ lighting specialists now have the ability to help clients from anywhere as long as they have internet access. The mobile app helps convert multiple types of drawings and files into usable .dwg, .cad and .agi formats. The new desktop version allows for access to files on a cloud server and increases mobility for engineers, architects and designers who are not always sitting at a desk.

AutoCAD 360 prevents limitations that might have hindered a lighting project previously. Access Fixtures’ lighting specialists can create photometrics for line and site drawings that are not in the desired formats. The software helps provide better lighting analysis for customers’ lighting projects, and in turn, better customer service. Rudimentary drawings and designs can now be turned into full lighting design and analysis.

Recently, an Access Fixtures’ lighting specialist uploaded a .pdf version of a parking lot lighting project that included bollard lights. He converted the .pdf to a .dwg file, which provided the client with a scaled drawing model of the project.

To learn more about how AutoCAD 360 can help with your lighting projects, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.