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There are many factors that impact the annual operating cost of a bollard light. Certainly the light source of your bollard light and, in the case of HID bollards, the frequency with which you change your lamps, will affect your annual costs. Energy cost is a significant factor when choosing a new fixture, and gaining maximum value while keeping costs low often becomes the most important influence of all. The easiest way to calculate the annual cost of electricity is to start with your cost per kilowatt hour (kWh).

Bollard light annual cost per watt table

Annual Cost per Watt Chart

Calculating the Annual Operating Cost of a Bollard Light

Calculating the annual cost of electricity is simple. Take the total cost of electricity from your electric bill and divide it by the kWh listed on that invoice. This will allow you to incorporate all costs, including any additional fees. For instance, National Grid charges a customer charge, distribution charge, transition charge, energy-efficiency charge, renewable-energy charge, basic service charge, and sales tax. Many utilities charge a peak demand charge, too. In parts of Massachusetts, the total cost per kWh is approximately $0.245/kWh.

With your cost per kWh, use the chart to determine the cost of each watt of energy per year. For example, if the cost per kWh is $0.20, and the bollard light is on for ten hours a day, seven days a week, the annual cost per watt would be $0.73. If the bollard light uses 17 watts, the operating cost per year is 17 watts x $0.73, or $12.41.

Download the Annual Cost per Watt Chart

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