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Natural coloration on bollard lights

Sometimes a white, black, architectural bronze, or custom-painted RAL finish will not suffice. To achieve the correct design elements, many of our customers opt to use stainless steel bollard lights. Customers must be aware, however, that stainless steel requires light maintenance to remain close to pristine condition.

Stainless steel is a durable material used in kitchen sinks, cookware, and architectural finishes like bollard lights. Even though it is durable, it requires maintenance. Indoors, stainless steel seems to attract fingerprints, smears, and other buildups. A perfect example is a stainless steel stovetop or the outside surface of cookware. These surfaces tend to get dirty or even black and need to be cleaned.

Outdoors, stainless steel can discolor or seemingly rust due to the buildup of particulate on the surface from hard water, road salt, and even contaminants that are deposited on the surface from rain. In effect, natural coloration will occur on stainless steel bollards in absence of light maintenance.

Often some simple soap and water will remove the thin layer of hard water, rust or other contaminants. A quality stainless steel cleaner may make the process quicker and easier. One highly recommended stainless steel cleaner is Bar Keepers Friend.

Bar Keepers Friend can be purchased at Home Depot or Amazon. Use gloves to protect your hands as this can dry your skin. A scrubbing pad can help the process along. Just make sure it is not super abrasive as this may change the finish. We recommend that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using a product.

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Next, you may choose to use a product like Zep Stainless Steel Polish for a finishing touch and some protection from future discoloration. Now you can sit back and enjoy your bollard lights.