Bollard light optics should be selected based specific project requirements. Optics affect the amount and distribution of the emitted light.

Type V

Type V (or type 5) glass provides a view of the light source through prismatic, borosilicate glass. Type V has high efficacy and broad light distribution. The effect is similar to a post-lamp light fixture, but the light is less intense and is refracted by the glass. If light trespass is an issue, an optional light shield is available to prevent light from going where it is not wanted.


Bollards with louver-controlled light send their light down toward the ground. The light source is blocked from direct view.

bollard optics

Standard Cone Reflector

Bollards with adjustable reflectors provide an abundance of light. The light source is inside and beneath the cone. Light is bounced off the top of the reflector and then off the outside of the cone.

Specialized Cone Reflector

Specialized cone reflectors, also referred to as aluminum cone reflectors, were designed to optimize the performance of LEDs. An LED array or LED module is placed in the head of the bollard light and aimed downward. The light is projected down and out by the LEDs and is also reflected outward by the specialized cone reflector.

Directional Bollard Light with TRUE Type 3 Bollard Light Optics

There has always been a demand for directional bollard lights, or bollard lights that emit light in one direction but not in others. Directional bollard lights are ideal for projects needing to limit light trespass—a directional bollard light with its back to a busy roadway or problematic neighbor can allow you to light what you want to light without causing disruption. In the past, the industry has attempted to use shields and prismatic glass to achieve the directional light, but these attempts failed. Read more and watch our instructional video about the technology; the previous attempts; and how Access Fixtures achieves reliable, directional light with TRUE type 3 bollard lights.

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