bollard light installation

LED Bollard lights operate on line voltage, necessitating installation by a licensed electrician for optimal safety and performance.

If you are a licensed electrician seeking detailed guidance on bollard light installation, or just simply wish to expand your knowledge in this area,

Access Fixtures offers comprehensive LED bollard installation instructions that are tailored specifically to meet your needs.


LED Bollard Light Installation – How to Replace Old Bollard Lights Without New Cement

A frequent question regarding bollard lights is: How can I replace my old bollard lights without pouring new cement?

When replacing old bollard lights with new Access Fixtures LED bollard lights,

while the wiring may remain intact and some mounting bolts may still be functional,

it is unlikely that the old bolts will align with the pattern of the new bollard light.

Bollard light baseWhile sinking new mounting bolts in fresh cement is always optimal, sometimes it may be too expensive or logistically challenging to install or mount new bollards in this manner.

When the need arises to install new bollard lights without pouring new cement, mechanical anchors offer a viable solution.

Anchors such as Strong-Tie Strong-Bolt 2 or Red Head anchors from Trubolt can be utilized to mount new bollard lights onto existing cement.

Access Fixtures bollard lights are designed to accommodate 3/8″ diameter bolts, ensuring you select the appropriate length for your specific requirements.

When you install the bollard lights, ensure each bollard light base plate is leveled.

Access Fixtures provides bollard light bases with built-in levels, simplifying the installation process. However, the quality of the installer’s work ultimately determines the resulting outcome.

Access fixtures carry a wide range of bollard lights that are customizable and can fit within any lighting project, its requirements, and architecture.

Installation becomes a breeze using our guide and mechanical Anchor Bolts to do a retrofit which saves you money, time, and labor.


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