bollard light installation

Bollard lights use line voltage and should be installed by a licensed electrician. If you are a licensed electrician or just want to know how bollard lights are installed, the bollard light installation guide for Access Fixtures bollard lights is made for you.

Bollard Light Installation: How to Replace Old Bollard Lights Without New Cement

A frequent question about bollard lights is: How can I replace my old bollard lights without pouring new cement? When those old bollard lights need to be replaced by new Access Fixtures bollard lights, the wiring may still be good, and a mounting bolt or two may still be good, but it is unlikely that the old bolts will fit the pattern of the new bollard light.

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Bollard light base

While it is always best to sink new mounting bolts in fresh cement, it may be too expensive or logistically impossible. When you need to install new bollard lights but don’t want to pour new cement, you can use mechanical anchors. Mechanical anchors such as Strong-Tie Strong-Bolt 2 or Red Head anchors from Trubolt can be used to mount new bollard lights to existing cement. Access Fixtures bollard lights use 3/8″ diameter bolts. Select the best length for your purposes.

When installing bollard lights, make sure each bollard light base plate is level. Access Fixtures bollard light bases come with built-in levels, which makes installation easy; the end result, however, will be determined by the quality of the work of the installer.



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