bollard installationWhat do you do when someone runs over one of your bollard lights with their car? This happened recently at Mississippi State University, resulting in a bollard light being completely demolished. Whether due to an overly enthusiastic (and consequently distracted) Mississippi State Bulldogs fan or a rival fan seeking revenge, the university still needed to replace the bollard light.

The university selected an Access Fixtures bollard light because it was similar to the style of their remaining bollards. MSU did not want to replace all of the bollard lights. In fact, they did not want to replace the cement to which the demolished bollard light was attached. After the MSU facilities manager placed the order, he asked an Access Fixtures lighting specialist how to install this new bollard light without pouring new cement for the anchor bolts.


Installing a New Bollard Without Pouring New Cement

bollard installationWhen an old or broken bollard light needs to be replaced with a new bollard light, the wiring from the existing fixture may still be good. Though a mounting bolt or two may still work, it is unlikely that the old bolts will fit the pattern of the new fixture. It is always best to sink new mounting bolts in fresh cement, however, that can often be logistically impossible and too expensive. That’s where mechanical anchors come in. Mechanical anchors such as Simpson Strong-Tie Strong-Bolt 2 or Red Head anchors from Trubolt can be used to mount new bollard lights to existing cement. For Access Fixtures bollard lights, use the standard ⅜” diameter bolts and choose the best length for your fixture. When installing bollard lights, ensure the base plate on each fixture is level. Access Fixtures bollard light bases come with built-in levels, which makes installation easy; the end result, however, will be determined by the quality of the work of the installer.


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