A customer contacted Access Fixtures before purchasing bollard lights for his property, as he had a question about functionality. He had a boat ramp on his property, but wanted bollard lights lining the waterfront with perfectly even spacing. To achieve even spacing, he would have to back his boat over an area where one of theĀ bollard light would be installed. Could the bollard light be detached so the boat and trailer could go over that area and then be put back in place?

Anything is removable, so yes, the answer depends on the amount of work the customer is willing to do. Access Fixtures bollard lights are anchored to a base plate with security screws. Wires naturally run up inside the fixture to power the lamp and ballast or LEDs. To remove a bollard, the customer would have to undo the base screws, and either lay the bollard on its side while carefully driving over it, or disconnecting the wiring, removing the bollard entirely, and then driving over it.

Even though the bollard can be removed there is still another question. Would the wheels on the boat trailer roll over the the mounting bolts for the bollard? Assuming the bollard could be installed in an area where the tires would not run over the mounting bolts, removal of the bollard light would work. If the tires do roll over the mounting bolts, then it is likely that the tires would be punctured or the anchor bolts bent, and it is not recommended.

Mounting Bracket 002

The highlighted portion of the mounting bracket would be exposed, which could easily puncture a tire.

This is how the mounting bracket appears, without the level.

This is how the mounting bracket appears, without the level.

To learn more about bollard lights, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.