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WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2023 – Access Fixtures, a leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, today announced the launch of CARA FWC Certified Sea Turtle friendly LED area lights, flood lights, and wall lights. These turtle-safe LED lights include a baffle in line with FWC requirements. CARA FWC certified LED lights also feature an EXTREME-LIFE L70 @ 320,000 hours rating and a die-cast aluminum housing, providing years of maintenance free performance. CARAs are also IP66 rated, ideal for wet locations and protected against water jets. FWC certified CARA LED lights are available in 22w, 37w, and 81w options. 

“The CARA FWC Certified Sea Turtle friendly range of area, flood, and wall lights are the perfect commercial lighting solution for those who need durable, reliable, long-lasting fixtures which are compliant with FWC sea turtle requirements,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. “CARAs are designed to offer maximum versatility with premium build quality and a classic style.”

A wide range of options are also available in the CARA line. There are a variety of microwave motion sensors to choose from, including sensors incorporating dimming and IR sensors facilitating the sensing of motion at heights of up to 40’. A narrow beam lighting option is also available for an additional cost. Photocells are also available in the CARA range allowing for the maximization of efficiency by automatically turning the lights on when it’s dark, and off when it’s bright. Two surge protection options are available to protect the fixture: a 120-277VAC 10KA surge suppressor option and a 347-480VAC 10KA surge suppressor option. The fixture incorporates nickel-plated stainless steel hardware.


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Access Fixtures offers factory­-direct commercial, industrial, hospitality, and sports lighting for less. Featuring luminaires with LED, PSMH, and fluorescent light sources and with custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures builds luminaires and poles to the performance specifications our clients require. Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollard lights, garage lighters, vandal ­resistant lights, exit and emergency lights, high bays, and vapor-tight luminaires. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at


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