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WORCESTER, Mass., Nov. 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Comfort Suites in Daytona Beach, Florida chose Access Fixtures LED area lights, LED bollard lights, and LED landscape lighting to upgrade their parking lot lighting and ambient lighting. Access Fixtures lighting specialists recommended 189w LED flood lights for the parking lot, 12w LED square bollards for pathways and gardens, and 12w vandal resistant landscape luminaires to uplight palm trees and signs. LED luminaires will safely illuminate these areas while saving energy, reducing maintenance, and producing superior light levels. Using photometric analysis software, the lighting project was carefully designed to ensure guests in the hotel rooms did not experience light trespass.

“LED flood lights, LED bollard lights and LED landscaping lights provide everything Comfort Suites needs for their parking lot and areas surrounding the hotel,” said Access Fixtures CEO Steven Rothschild. He continued, “This is an energy efficient and virtually maintenance free solution that increases light levels and enhances safety without disrupting the guests in their rooms.”

The lighting system will reduce energy by over 60%. The new LED flood lights use only 189 watts as compared with the current metal halide fixtures which use 458 watts. They are being replaced one for one, reducing energy use by 59%. The 12w LED bollard lights and 12w LED landscape lights are replacing 100w light sources reducing energy use by 88%. A few additional LED bollard lights will be added to increase light levels on pathways and by the gardens. With a CRI of 70+, the LED lighting will create a consistent aesthetic look across the grounds of the hotel. Access Fixtures luminaires are assembled in USA with USA and imported parts.

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