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Commercial Solar Lights

Commercial Solar Lights – High-Performance LED Solar Lighting

High-performance LED Commercial Solar Lights are advanced lighting solutions designed for applications that harness solar energy for illumination. Commercial-grade LED light fixtures integrate high-efficiency light-emitting diodes (LEDs) with solar panels to capture and convert sunlight into electrical energy, stored in rechargeable lithium batteries for subsequent use during low-light conditions. Characterized by their high brightness output, longevity, and energy efficiency, these solar-powered luminaires offer sustainable alternatives to traditional grid-dependent lighting systems. Installation and operational costs are reduced, users qualify for tax incentives and rebates, and environmental impact is reduced as commercial solar luminaires deliver zero carbon illumination while ensuring reliable performance in various commercial settings such as parking lots, pathways, public spaces, parks, and more.

Advantages of Lighting with Commercial Solar Lights

Cost-Effective Solar Light Installation

Solar light installations offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional lighting systems by eliminating the need for trenching. Unlike traditional systems that require digging deep trenches for electrical wires and conduits, solar lights require minimal ground disturbance for solar panel anchoring and fixture installation. This eliminates the associated expenses and logistical challenges of trenching, such as utility inspections, specialized equipment, and skilled labor. Additionally, solar lights bypass the need for utility companies to inspect gas lines and other underground utilities, further streamlining the installation process and avoiding delays. Moreover, the absence of trenching reduces ongoing maintenance costs, as solar lights operate independently of grid connections, eliminating the need for costly repairs and inspections over time.

Energy Efficiency

Solar lighting is energy-efficient because it harnesses sunlight, a renewable and abundant energy source, to generate electricity. Unlike traditional lighting systems that rely on fossil fuels, solar lighting systems convert sunlight directly into electricity using photovoltaic (PV) cells. This direct conversion process minimizes energy losses, resulting in higher overall efficiency. Additionally, solar lighting systems operate independently of the electrical grid, eliminating transmission losses and reducing reliance on centralized power sources.

LED Commercial Solar Lights

Cost Savings

Commercial solar lights eliminate electricity bills typically incurred by conventional lighting systems, offering long-term cost savings. Additionally, they require minimal maintenance compared to grid-dependent lights, resulting in reduced operational expenses and an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Commercial LED Solar Tax Incentives

Solar lighting investments in California and other states qualify for federal and state tax incentives, check out the following links to learn more.

Environmental Impact

By utilizing solar power, commercial solar lights minimize carbon emissions and reduce the ecological footprint associated with traditional grid-powered lighting systems. They contribute to mitigating climate change and promoting a cleaner, greener environment.

Optimal Applications for Commercial Solar Lights

Parking Lots

Solar lighting provides consistent and reliable illumination for parking lots, enhancing safety measures by extending the visual range for security teams and surveillance cameras. LED solar parking lot lights eliminate the need for grid connection, offering flexibility in pole placement, particularly in areas where wired lighting would be impractical or costly. They can be easily scaled to meet specific lighting needs and involve fewer permitting requirements, expediting installation. With adjustable settings for brightness and light output, solar lights allow for achieving specific footcandle requirements, ensuring optimal illumination levels tailored to the parking lot’s size and layout.



LED Commercial Solar Lights are well-suited for lighting pathways in commercial settings such as campuses, parks, and industrial facilities. Their easy installation and low maintenance requirements make them a practical choice for enhancing visibility and safety in outdoor pedestrian areas. Particularly beneficial for complex and expansive pathways, these lights do not rely on access to power sources or junction boxes, eliminating the need for intricate wiring or proximity to electrical infrastructure. This flexibility allows for strategic fixture placement regardless of the pathway’s size or complexity, ensuring consistent and reliable lighting solutions.


Public Spaces and Parks

Community gatherings, public spaces, and parks utilize commercial solar lights for sustainable lighting. Solar lighting contributes to the safety of these spaces by offering dependable illumination that helps define outdoor spaces, improves visibility, and discourages crime. By improving safety and visibility, solar lighting positively impacts the usage and popularity of public spaces and parks at night, making these areas more welcoming and accessible during low light conditions. Public spaces and parks are optimal applications for LED solar lights as they often have limited access to traditional electrical infrastructure, making solar-powered lighting a practical solution. Solar lights eliminate the need for costly and disruptive trenching or wiring, allowing for quick and easy installation in diverse outdoor environments. Additionally, public spaces and parks typically require lighting for extended periods, and LED solar lights offer energy-efficient illumination, reducing operational costs and environmental impact. Moreover, the sustainability aspect aligns with the values of promoting green initiatives and reducing carbon footprint in public areas. Furthermore, LED technology provides bright and uniform lighting, enhancing safety and visibility for visitors, while the durability of solar lights ensures reliable performance in various weather conditions.

Key Features of Access Fixtures Commercial Solar Lights

  1. High luminous efficacy to maximize battery performance.
  2. Off-grid LED lighting eliminates electric bills.
  3. IP66-rated, IK08-rated, and L70-rated @ +50,000 hours luminaires ensure lasting and consistent high performance.
  4. CRI nominal 70.
  5. Environment friendly – 100% powered by the sun, solar panels reduce fossil fuel consumption, eliminating pollution.
  6. Self-contained solution – Light on/off controlled by automatic daylight sensing.
  7. Simple installation and maintenance.
  8. Equipped with LiFeP04 battery to store and provide energy for immediate requirements, and enable backup for days when there is little or no sun.
  9. Low-voltage solar controller technology with dimming capabilities.
  10. Operating Temp: -30°C to +45°C (-22°F to 113°F)

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Commercial Solar Lights

Types of LED Commercial Solar Lights | Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures provides various commercial solar lights to suit diverse spaces. We offer solar post-top lighting, pole-top lighting, solar wall packs, solar sign lighting, solar bollard lights, and more. Applications of these industrial-grade solar fixtures include solar LED outdoor lighting for streets, parking lots, pathways, sidewalks, driveways, and many sporting applications. Additionally, we offer solar lights that meet dark sky lighting requirements. The following are types of commercial solar lights for general and specific applications:


  • Solar Area Lights provide widespread illumination, covering large outdoor areas such as parking lots, pathways, and recreational spaces.
  • Solar Bollard Lights are used to light pathways, sidewalks, driveways, and landscaping features offering subtle yet effective illumination adding aesthetic appeal
  • Dark Sky Solar Lights requirements adhere to specific guidelines to minimize light pollution and preserve the natural darkness of the night sky.
  • Solar Flood Lights offer wide-angle illumination, suitable for lighting large outdoor spaces such as sports fields or industrial yards
  • Solar Landscape Lights for commercial and hospitality applications including art installations, building facades, and gardens to enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces by adding ambiance and visual interest.
  • Solar Park Lights are specifically designed to illuminate park areas, including walkways, benches, and recreational spaces, to enhance safety and usability.
  • Solar Parking Lot Lights are specifically engineered to provide bright and uniform lighting for parking lots and outdoor vehicle areas.
  • Solar Sign Lights illuminate outdoor signs and displays to enhance visibility and attract attention to commercial establishments
  • Solar Street Lights are designed to provide adequate illumination for roads, streets, and intersections in commercial areas.
  • Solar Wall Packs are mounted on exterior walls, these lights are ideal for illuminating building entrances, perimeters, or outdoor signage.


Commercial solar Lights offer many benefits for lighting projects, including cost savings, environmental sustainability, and enhanced safety. They are versatile and can be used in various outdoor spaces, from parking lots and pathways to public parks. With advanced features like PIR motion sensors, LED technology, and hassle-free installation and maintenance, LED commercial solar lights offer a convenient and sustainable lighting solution.


Commercial Solar Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Are Commercial Solar Lights Suitable for All Weather Conditions? Yes, commercial solar lights are IP66-rated and UL-rated to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. High-quality materials and waterproof seals ensure durability and performance in challenging environments.

How many lumens is best for solar lights? The number of lumens for solar lights would vary based on project requirements. Access Fixtures’ Commercial Solar Lights range from 4000 to 24,000 light source lumens.

Are Solar Street Lights worth it? Due to their low installation costs, energy efficiency, simplified installation, low maintenance requirements, reliability, durability, and tax and incentives benefits, solar street lights are worth it. Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist to discuss your LED commercial solar lighting project.

What are the economic benefits of using commercial solar lights? Commercial solar lights eliminate energy bills. Also, installation reduces costs associated with trenching and permitting compared to a line voltage installation.

Do Commercial Solar Lights Require Maintenance? High-performance commercial-grade LED solar lights require much less maintenance than conventional lights. The long lifespan of over L70 @ 50,000 hours means the fixtures require changing much less often, resulting in huge cost savings.