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Solar Area Lights

The demand for high-performance, commercial-grade LED solar area lights featuring sustainable, reliable, and energy-efficient lighting solutions has surged. Commercial solar area lights provide alternatives to traditional wired lighting systems. These high-performance lights have emerged as a frontrunner in landscape lighting solutions, illuminating pathways, walkways, industrial facilities, and more. Access Fixtures LED solar area light fixtures offer efficiency, durability, and advanced technology. Understand the benefits, applications, technology, and implementation considerations for solar area lighting solutions to meet your project requirements.

Advantages of Lighting with LED Solar Area Lights

No Need For Trenching Offers Significant Cost Benefits

Reduced Labor Costs: Trenching typically requires skilled electricians and their apprentices to perform the excavation, cable laying, and backfilling tasks. By opting for solar area lights, customers eliminate the need for these electricians and their apprentices, resulting in substantial labor cost savings. Additionally, fewer labor hours are required for installation, further reducing labor costs.

Savings on Materials: Trenching involves using materials such as conduits, cables, junction boxes, and backfill materials. By not trenching, customers save on the purchase of these materials, leading to direct cost savings.

Faster Installation: Solar area lights can be installed more quickly than traditional electric lighting systems that require trenching. With fewer installation steps and no need for extensive excavation, the project timeline is significantly shortened. While there may be delays associated with site assessments, the overall installation process is expedited, reducing labor costs and minimizing project management expenses.

Flexibility in Site Selection: Solar area lights offer flexibility in site selection, as the need for proximity to existing electrical infrastructure does not constrain them. This flexibility allows customers to choose installation locations based on lighting requirements, aesthetic considerations, or environmental factors without being limited by the availability of electrical connections.

Minimized Disruption: Trenching for electric lighting systems can disrupt the surrounding area, causing inconvenience to residents, businesses, or pedestrians. By avoiding trenching, solar area lights minimize disruption to the site, reducing potential costs associated with restoring landscaping, repairing driveways, or addressing other damages caused by excavation.

Solar Light Incentives and Rebates

Commercial LED solar light incentives refer to various financial incentives and rebates offered to businesses and commercial entities to encourage the adoption of LED solar lighting systems. These incentives are typically provided by governments, utility companies, or other organizations and aim to offset the upfront costs associated with installing LED solar lights. Some common incentives include:

Energy Efficiency Solar Area Lights

In addition to LED technology energy efficiency, solar light harnesses solar energy during the day and convert it into electricity through the photovoltaic effect to power LEDs during low light conditions. This process results in a drastic reduction in energy consumption and operational costs due to being independent of the grid.


Solar-powered lighting eliminates the dependency on fossil fuels, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing environmental impact. Commercial LED solar area lights epitomize sustainable lighting solutions, contributing to a cleaner and greener planet.

Additional Cost Savings

Although the initial investment may seem higher than conventional lighting systems, the long-term savings earned through solar area lights are substantial. With reduced installation costs achieved by not having to trench, minimal operating costs, and virtually no electricity bills, project owners can recoup their investment over time, enjoying significant financial benefits. In addition, persons become eligible for tax incentives.

Solar Area Lights Feature Durability and Longevity

LED technology features remarkable durability and longevity, making solar area lights ideal for outdoor environments. L70 rated @ 50,000 hours, and UL listed, with rugged construction and weatherproof features, these commercial fixtures withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

Flexibility and Versatility

An LED solar area light is highly versatile and adaptable to various lighting applications such as parking lots, pathways, campuses, parks, and industrial facilities. Their modular design and adjustable features allow for tailored lighting solutions to suit specific requirements.

Applications of Commercial LED Solar Area Lights

Parking Lots and Garages

LED solar area lights provide ample light for parking lots and garages, enhancing visibility and safety for vehicles and pedestrians while reducing energy costs.

Pathways and Walkways

In parks, campuses, and public areas, commercial LED solar area lights light pathways and walkways, guiding pedestrians safely and enhancing the overall aesthetics of the environment.

Industrial Facilities

Industrial sites benefit from the reliability and efficiency of LED solar area lights, ensuring adequate lighting for outdoor workspaces, storage yards, and perimeter security.

Recreational Areas

Parks, playgrounds, and sports facilities utilize commercial LED solar area light fixtures to extend outdoor activities into the evening hours, fostering a safe and enjoyable environment for recreation.

Residential Developments

Residential communities and housing complexes leverage LED solar area light fixtures for street lighting, accentuating architectural features, and promoting neighborhood safety and security.

High-Performance-All-in-One Solar-Area-Lights

Solar Area Lights – Commercial Application

Technology Behind Commercial LED Solar Area Lights

Photovoltaic Panels

Photovoltaic (PV) panels, typically mounted atop the light fixture or remotely positioned for optimal sun exposure, capture solar energy and convert it into electrical power to charge the integrated battery.

LED Lighting

Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) serve as the primary light source in commercial LED solar lights, offering high efficiency, durability, and superior light quality compared to traditional lighting technologies.

Battery Storage for Solar Area Lights

Rechargeable batteries, commonly lithium-ion or lead-acid, store the excess solar energy generated during the day for uninterrupted lighting in cloudy or low-light conditions.

Solar Area Lights Feature Intelligent Controls

Advanced control systems, including timers, motion sensors, and dimming capabilities, optimize energy usage and extend battery life by adjusting lighting levels based on ambient conditions and occupancy patterns.

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How do Solar Lights Work - Systems Management for Solar Area Lights

Considerations for Implementing Commercial LED Solar Area Lights

Site Assessment

Conduct a thorough site assessment to evaluate solar potential, shading, lighting requirements, and environmental conditions to determine the optimal placement and configuration of solar area LED lights. Click here to learn how solar bollard lights can compliment your solar area lighting project.

Regulatory Compliance

Ensure compliance with local regulations, zoning codes, and lighting standards when installing solar area LED lights to avoid potential issues and ensure proper functionality and safety.

LED Solar Area Lights Feature Quality and Reliability

Access Fixtures designs and manufactures high-quality, reliable products backed by warranties and proven performance in real-world applications to maximize the longevity and effectiveness of solar lighting systems.

Maintaining LED Solar Area Lights

LED Solar Area Lighting fixtures require minimal maintenance. With an IP66 rating and L70 rating @ 50,000 hours, these commercial-grade fixtures will not need to be replaced frequently, prolonging their lifespan and optimizing efficiency.


Solar area lights represent a paradigm shift in outdoor lighting, combining energy efficiency, sustainability, and versatility to meet the evolving needs of businesses, municipalities, and communities. As businesses increasingly prioritize environmental stewardship and cost savings, the adoption of commercial solar lights is poised to accelerate. Also, with its numerous benefits, diverse applications, and advanced technology, solar area lighting is a great choice for illuminating commercial outdoor spaces. Read more about commercial solar lights here.