Access Fixtures gets calls every day from customers requiring a unique lighting application. Recently a client called Access Fixtures looking to purchase bollard lights, albeit with a caveat; they only wanted the top part of the bollard light. The customer had existing concrete base bollards and was looking to only replace the top light. The heads of existing bollard lights were not durable and did not last.

Access Fixtures bollard lights have durable cast aluminum heads, but there was a challenge. Access Fixtures bollard lights are 7-inches in diameter and the customer’s cement bollards are 8-inches in diameter. The customer needed an adapter to securely attach the head of the Access Fixtures bollard light to the existing cement post.

Access Fixtures to the rescue! One of our lighting specialists designed a custom mount that accommodated two different measurements and would quickly as well as securely attach the new bollard head to the existing concrete. Access Fixtures has the ability to fabricate custom solutions for any project. In this case, the final design is a cast aluminum part fabricated to the appropriate dimensions. The bollard light head slips over the top part of the casted adapter and becomes flush with the lower part of the casting. The casting then slips over the top of the cement bollard and is attached. Below is a sketch of the casting that will be used to attach bollard light heads to concrete posts.

bollard light

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