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Access Fixtures offers several standard tennis court lighting packages. Even so, sometimes certain situations call for custom solutions. With our expertise and customized manufacturing capabilities, we are able to design lighting packages to meet clients’ unique requests.

Recently, Access Fixtures built a customized tennis court lighting solution for a private golf club in coastal South Carolina. Existing poles had to be positioned somewhat far away from the court in order to accommodate an existing fence around the twin tennis court. This presented a problem; our standard tennis court lighting packages did not evenly distribute light properly for club level tennis court lighting.

Access Fixtures designed the ideal solution. Custom-built six-foot arm extensions allowed for positioning of the pole as required, which located the luminaires where they should be. The desired amount of light for club-level tennis game play was delivered and met expectations.

Additionally, Access Fixtures provided documentation that our poles and fixtures will have an Effective Projection Area (EPA) to withstand the wind speeds in that specific wind zone. By identifying the EPA rating, Access Fixtures assures that high winds in that area will not damage the fixtures. This is extremely beneficial for coastal areas prone to hurricanes.

To learn more, read about Access Fixtures custom tennis courts in a recent press release. Contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist to find a lighting solution for your tennis court.