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Access Fixtures lighting specialists were recently approached by Noot Electric, an electrical contractor looking for an energy-efficient option to replace high-pressure sodium fixtures for Park City, Utah. The city is beginning a pilot program for the eventual conversion of all city lights to LED to save energy and reduce maintenance costs. The first stage of the conversion would be to replace the pathway lighting outside the local library. As the contractor hired to begin the transition process, Noot Electric needed an energy-efficient option that would be a subtle but cost-effective switch. Dark sky bollard lights were selected. More on this project below.

Key Takeaways

    • Energy and Cost Efficiency: Park City’s switch to 32w LED dark sky bollard lights from 100w high-pressure sodium bollards significantly enhances energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs, offering 138 lumens per watt compared to the old 95 lumens per watt.

    • Preservation of Night Sky and Town Aesthetics: By opting for dark sky compliant bollard lights with a warm 3000k Kelvin temperature, Park City ensures the new lighting maintains the town’s aesthetic without disrupting the natural view of the night sky or harming local wildlife.

    • Customizable Lighting Solutions: The installation of custom louvers on the new LED bollards addresses potential light pollution, demonstrating a thoughtful approach to maintaining compliance with dark sky standards while enhancing pathway lighting.

Replacing Old, Dim, Inefficient HPS Lighting

Park City is a resort town in the mountains of Utah. The city council has begun an initiative to convert all of its lighting to LEDs to save energy and maintenance costs.

However, in doing so, they wanted to ensure that the look and feel of the town was maintained and that the skies were kept as dark as possible. Utah’s beautiful night sky is a huge reason tourists flock to the city during and following the ski season.

Finding a Dark Sky Compliant Option: Beginning with Dark Sky Bollard Lights

Dark sky bollard lights are compliance ensures that the light emitted by a fixture is directed downward and that it prevents excessive light pollution from affecting the visibility of the stars. It also protects local wildlife, which may experience disruptions in their migratory, sleeping, or eating habits due to light pollution.

dark sky compliant LED bollard pathway lighting for park city utah
dark sky compliant LED bollard pathway lighting for park city utah

The original pathway lighting outside the library was provided by 100w high-pressure sodium bollards, which have a low Kelvin temperature of 2100, making the light they produce dim and warm. LEDs tend to be much brighter than traditional fixtures, and the company wanted to make sure the replacements would not be too jarring of a change. Our specialists recommended the 32w LED round dome top bollards with the lowest-offered Kelvin temperature of 3000k to ensure the new lighting would not be overly bright. Check out these similar insights on Hawaii Dark Sky Regulations

Energy-Efficient LED Bollards for Pathway Lighting

In comparison to the original HPS bollards, which had an efficiency of 95 lumens per watt (LPW), the new dark sky compliant 32w LED dark sky bollard lights provide an efficient 138 LPW. The customer chose to add a custom louver option to ensure the extra lumens would not contribute to light pollution.

Thanks to Noot Electric and Access Fixtures, the library now has energy-efficient, dark sky compliant LED dark sky bollard lights pathway lighting that will last up to 100,000 hours and save the town money on energy and maintenance costs. Click here to learn all about dark sky lighting


The successful collaboration between Noot Electric and Access Fixtures to upgrade the pathway lighting outside Park City’s local library highlights the practical benefits of transitioning to LED technology. This project not only supports environmental sustainability by adhering to dark sky compliance but also ensures that Park City remains a welcoming and attractive destination for tourists and residents alike. With the new LED bollard lights, the city sets a precedent for future lighting upgrades, combining cost-effectiveness with ecological sensitivity. Here is a case study on dark sky compliant lighting in Flagstaff AZ.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are dark sky compliant lights?
Dark sky compliant lights are designed to reduce light pollution by directing the light downward and minimizing spill light, preserving the natural darkness of the night sky.

2. Why did Park City choose to replace high-pressure sodium lights with LED bollards?
LED bollards are more energy-efficient, have longer lifespans, and offer better color accuracy, reducing the town’s energy and maintenance costs while enhancing night-time visibility without disrupting the town’s aesthetic. 

3. What benefits do LED bollards offer over high-pressure sodium lights?
LED bollards provide higher lumens per watt, better energy efficiency, and a cleaner, more controlled light output that can be adapted to minimize impact on the environment.

4. How do custom louvers contribute to dark sky compliance?
Custom louvers help control and direct the light downward, preventing it from spilling upwards or outwards, thus reducing skyglow and light pollution.

5. What impact does lighting temperature have on dark sky compliance?
Lighting temperature affects how light interacts with the environment. Lower Kelvin temperatures produce a warmer, dimmer light that is less likely to disrupt nocturnal wildlife and the visibility of the night sky.