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Access Fixtures was recently approached by a customer in Arizona looking to replace their sports lighting. The customer has a residential half-court basketball court in the backyard that was previously unlit. In the summertime, long desert days provided plenty of daylight for their kids to get the most out of the court. However, with fall and winter quickly closing in, the customer wants to make sure the kids are still able to play a few games after school, even if the sun has already begun to set.

Upgrading to LED Lighting for Half-Court Basketball Court

Access Fixtures has a range of affordable LED sports lighting packages available. LED lighting has become the most efficient and cost-effective option for commercial, public, and residential court owners. Since the court was only a half court, our lighting specialists recommended the 2 x 378w LED basketball court lighting package.

The half-court LED basketball court lighting package includes two 23” LED outdoor flood lights and two poles. Perfect for residential or small public courts, the LED fixtures are rated for 100,000 hours of operating life, virtually eliminating maintenance costs. They are also energy-efficient, making the LED half-court basketball lighting package a cost-effective choice for any homeowner.

Dark Sky Compliance and Arizona Lighting Codes

Saving energy and maintenance costs was not the customer’s only goal. Arizona is home to the International Dark Sky Alliance in Tucson, an organization whose main goal is to eliminate light pollution from unprotected fixtures that cast unnecessary glow upward into the night sky. In order to meet local regulations, the half-court would need dark sky compliant basketball court lighting.

Affordable Dark Sky LED Basketball Court Lighting Solution

Our lighting specialists provided a custom solution of “forward throw” LED flood lights that can be angled straight downward to eliminate any above-court light pollution yet allow the LED to “throw” the light forward and give players enough visibility. Custom 25-foot poles also help to eliminate light trespass and ensure that all light be cast onto the court. Access Fixtures is also able to install 010-volt dimmers on LED fixtures, including those for LED sports lighting so players can adjust light levels as daylight fades.

Are you looking for an affordable LED replacement for your for backyard basketball court? Call Access Fixtures today and find out how our specialists can help you find the right LED basketball court lighting!