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WORCESTER, MA, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2023 — Access Fixtures, an industry leader in commercial and industrial LED lighting, today announced new lower pricing on a range of LED light fixtures. This is just the beginning of deflation for products like LED light fixtures, and the price reductions are significant. Over the past 6 months, the cost of aluminum and shipping expenses have come down, while the dollar has remained strong. This combination is facilitating lower prices on many LED light fixtures such as LED wall packs and LED high bay lights. This trend is expected to continue.

“The price of LED lighting is based on the cost of the aluminum housings and heat sinks, electronic components, LEDs, and the expense of shipping the manufactured product.” said Access Fixtures CEO, Steven Rothschild. “With supply shocks ending and demand in some countries being lower, we are experiencing lower material prices, lower energy prices and lower transportation costs, while the US dollar remains strong. This combination, along with improved technology and increasing lumens per watt (LPW) are lowering prices, while performance continues to improve.”

Deflation: CUTO is what a LED wall pack should be

One of the first examples of lower LED light fixture prices is a LED full cutoff wall pack by Access Fixtures, CUTO. CUTO is what a LED wall pack should be. CUTO is a durable, low-profile, full cut off LED wall pack that is built with a sturdy die-cast aluminum bronze housing. It is UL and CUL listed for wet locations and has precision Type III or Type IV optics in a durable shatter resistant polycarbonate lens. The highest wattage CUTO has a price reduction of 16.6%, $40.00.

Deflation: HIIO LED High Bay Lights that have all the features

Another example is the HIIO LED high bay light. 150-watt high bay lights are the most requested LED high bay lights. The current 150-watt LED high bay light, SYMA, is durable and sealed rated for no bug, water, or dirt intrusion. It features a CRI of 80+ index for high visibility, and an anti-glare diffuser lens. SYMA was launched in January 2022 and when it was launched was considered innovative and well-priced at $189.87. SYMA is being replaced by the155-watt HIIO LED High Bay Light that has all the features of SYMA and more. The 155-watt HIIO LED High Bay Light is priced at $119.87, 37% lower than the older, similar LED high bay light.

CUTO and HIIO are early indicators of the deflationary trend that will be impacting LED light fixtures. While not all LED light fixtures will see lower prices as significant as noted here, the trend is real, and prices are coming down. Deflation, at least for LED light fixtures, is here and the deflation will continue for the first half of 2023.

CUTO Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack

CUTO Full Cutoff LED Wall Pack

HIIO LED High Bay Light, white, IP65 wet location rated, 80+ CRI, glare reducing lens. Shown with optional occupancy sensor.

HIIO LED High Bay Light, white, IP65 wet location rated, 80+ CRI, glare reducing lens. Shown with optional occupancy sensor.

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