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Fiberglass light poles for industrial and commercial lighting applications

Fiberglass Light Poles – Composite Light Poles

Fiberglass light poles, recognized for their resilience and innovative design, are a versatile solution for modern lighting needs. These poles, also known as composite light poles, are manufactured using advanced techniques that result in a product that is not only lightweight and exceptionally strong but also impervious to corrosion. This makes them suitable for various environments, from harsh weather conditions to areas prone to insect damage and corrosion. Fiberglass poles are designed to endure extreme conditions such as intense heat, severe cold, and strong winds, ensuring durability and longevity.

The range of fiberglass light poles includes options for both functional and decorative purposes. They are available in various forms, including direct burial and bolt-down configurations, catering to different installation needs. These fiberglass poles can be customized in shape, color, and size, meeting the specific requirements of any location, whether it’s for urban streetscapes, sports court lighting, or elegant community spaces. With features like impact resistance, non-conductivity, and maintenance-free operation, fiberglass light poles represent a cost-effective and reliable lighting solution. Whether planning a new project or upgrading existing infrastructure, fiberglass light poles offer a blend of aesthetic appeal and functional excellence that is hard to match.

Key Takeaways

    • Resilient Construction: Fiberglass light poles are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and high impact, ensuring durability and longevity in various environments.
    • Versatile Solutions: Available in direct burial and bolt-down configurations, fiberglass poles can be customized in shape, color, and size, making them suitable for diverse installation needs such as urban streetscapes, sports lighting, or upscale community spaces.
    • Cost-effective and Low Maintenance: With features like impact resistance, non-conductivity, and no scheduled maintenance requirements, fiberglass light poles offer a cost-effective and reliable lighting solution, reducing ongoing upkeep costs while ensuring long-term performance.

Fiberglass Light Pole Features

  • Impact Resistance: Fiberglass light poles and utility poles are particularly valued for their high impact resistance compared to their metal or concrete counterparts. This attribute stems from the inherent flexibility of fiberglass, which allows it to absorb and dissipate energy from impacts more effectively. This resilience makes them suitable for areas with high pedestrian and vehicle traffic where minor collisions or bumps might occur, ensuring a longer service life with less risk of damage.
  • Non-conductive Properties: Safety is a paramount concern in the design and material choice for public infrastructure. Fiberglass light poles offer significant safety benefits due to their non-conductive nature. Being made from materials that do not conduct electricity, these poles reduce the risk of electrical accidents in the case of wiring issues or power surges. This feature is particularly important in wet or unpredictable climates where the risk of electrical hazards might be elevated.
  • No Scheduled Maintenance: One of the most compelling advantages of fiberglass light poles is their lack of required maintenance. Unlike metal poles that need regular treatments to prevent rust and decay, fiberglass poles do not require preservative treatments, repainting, or intensive care. This not only cuts down on the ongoing costs associated with upkeep but also simplifies the logistics of maintaining a large network of outdoor lighting. The durable nature of fiberglass ensures that inspections are quick and non-invasive, significantly reducing the frequency of pole replacements.
  • Durability: Durability is a hallmark of fiberglass light poles. These poles are engineered to withstand a variety of environmental stressors such as water exposure, including groundwater, extreme temperatures (both hot and cold), corrosive elements, varying soil pH levels, and aggressive fauna such as woodpeckers and insects. They are also designed to resist wind loads and are unaffected by road salt or saltwater, which makes them ideal for use in both frigid, snowy environments and harsh coastal regions where salt corrosion is a concern.
  • Easier Installation: The lightweight and tapered design of fiberglass light poles significantly eases the installation process. This design reduces the need for heavy lifting equipment, which in turn lowers both the labor costs and the time required for installation. Additionally, the reduced weight helps in cutting down freight costs and simplifies the handling of materials on-site. These poles can often be installed manually or with minimal mechanical assistance, which is not only cost-effective but also allows for more flexibility in their placement and relocation if necessary.

Different Types of Fiberglass Light Poles

Fiberglass light poles, offered in various shapes, colors, and designs, are tailored to meet the needs of almost any setting, purpose, or aesthetic preference. Whether you are considering bolt-down options for urban streets, segmented high mast poles for expansive areas, or decorative bases for upscale locales, our range of fiberglass light poles provides adaptable solutions. These poles are designed for both ease of installation and enduring performance, with options ranging from direct burial poles that simplify installation to modular high mast systems designed for extreme conditions. To determine which type of fiberglass light pole is ideal for your project, explore further details.

Bolt Down Round Fiberglass Light Poles

Access Fixtures offers commercial-grade bolt-down round fiberglass light poles that securely fasten to a concrete base, comparable to steel or aluminum light poles.


  • Diameter and Height: These poles feature a substantial minimum diameter of 4 inches, ensuring structural integrity, and can extend to impressive heights of up to 40 feet. This range makes them suitable for various outdoor lighting applications, from parking lots to sports field lighting.
  • Customization: Access Fixtures offers customizable diameters and structural windings, allowing adaptation to specific project requirements. Whether adjusting for height, weight, or wind resistance, these options ensure that the poles can effectively meet the demands of diverse environments and applications.
  • Bolt Patterns: Available in both standard and custom bolt patterns, these poles can seamlessly integrate with existing setups or cater to specialized needs. This flexibility simplifies installation processes and ensures compatibility with various fixtures and configurations.
  • Mounting Options: Equipped with a range of mounting options tailored for LED light fixtures, these poles offer versatility in lighting design and placement. From floodlights to area lighting, the mounting options ensure optimal illumination for different spaces and requirements.

Additional Resources:

  • To view an engineering drawing of a bolt-down fiberglass pole, click the image on the right.

Bolt Down Segmented High Mast Fiberglass Light Poles

Access Fixtures provides segmented bolt down fiberglass high mast poles, offering a solution that simplifies installation and reduces transportation costs. These poles are designed to be robust and durable while maintaining ease of installation.


  • Heights: These poles are available in heights up to 80 feet, catering to a variety of lighting needs, whether for large outdoor spaces or areas requiring extensive illumination.
  • Mounting Base: They come with various mounting base sizes to accommodate different requirements and ensure stability during installation and throughout use.
  • Mounting Options: The poles offer several mounting options for LED light fixtures, allowing for flexibility in lighting design and placement to achieve optimal illumination for the intended area.
  • Color Options: There is a wide range of standard and custom colors available, ensuring that the poles can be tailored to blend seamlessly with their surroundings or stand out as desired.

Additional Resources:

  • For further details on these high mast poles, individuals can click on the image provided on the right or get in touch with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist. These specialists can provide tailored guidance and assistance in selecting the right poles for specific project requirements, ensuring optimal lighting solutions are achieved.

Direct Burial Round Fiberglass Light Poles

The direct burial round fiberglass poles from Access Fixtures facilitate easier and cost-effective installation, eliminating the need for a concrete base.


  • Height Range: These poles are available in heights ranging from 10 feet to 37 feet above ground level (AGH), catering to various lighting needs and applications. This versatility makes them suitable for illuminating spaces such as parks, pathways, and commercial areas.
  • Installation Convenience: Unlike traditional poles that require anchor bolts, concrete bases, and extensive labor for installation, these direct burial fiberglass poles offer a hassle-free alternative. Their design eliminates the need for additional components, streamlining the installation process and significantly reducing associated costs.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: These poles are more economical than those with bases, offering substantial savings in both material and labor costs. Additionally, their resistance to rust and rot, unlike steel poles, ensures long-term durability and minimal maintenance requirements, further enhancing cost-effectiveness over the lifespan of the poles.
  • Color Options: Access Fixtures provides these poles in a wide range of standard and custom RAL colors, allowing customization to suit specific aesthetic preferences or project requirements. This flexibility ensures that the poles can seamlessly blend into their surroundings or stand out as desired.

Additional Resources:

  • Click the image on the right for specifications or to download the pdf.

Direct Burial 2 Piece Fiberglass Light Poles

Access Fixtures’ two-piece high mast direct burial light poles combine the benefits of direct burial poles with additional height, reaching up to 70 feet AGH.


  • Modular Design: These poles feature a two-piece modular design, facilitating easier handling during installation and cost-effective shipping. The modular construction streamlines the installation process, reducing labor time and expenses.
  • Height Capability: With the ability to reach heights of up to 70 feet AGH, these poles are suitable for illuminating large outdoor spaces such as sports fields, parking lots, and industrial areas, providing optimal lighting coverage.
  • Fixture Mounting Options: These poles support multiple LED light fixture mounting options, allowing for versatile lighting configurations tailored to specific illumination requirements. Whether floodlights, area lights, or other fixtures, the mounting options ensure optimal placement for efficient lighting distribution.
  • Color Customization: Available in both standard and custom colors, these poles can be customized to match aesthetic preferences or project requirements, seamlessly blending into the surrounding environment or standing out as desired.

Additional Resources:

  • Click the image on the right to see or get drawing downloads of a high mast segmented fiberglass light pole

Modular Direct Burial High Mast Fiberglass Light Poles

Access Fixtures introduces modular high mast direct burial light poles, suitable for extreme environmental conditions, and ranging from 30 feet to 155 feet AGH.


  • Modular Construction: These poles feature a modular design using standard components, allowing for customizable heights and providing superior strength. This modular construction enables flexibility in design while ensuring structural integrity, making them suitable for a wide range of applications and environments.
  • Handling and Shipping: Designed for easy handling, these poles also offer nested component shipping, enhancing cost efficiency during transportation. This feature streamlines logistics and reduces shipping expenses, contributing to overall project savings.
  • Durability: Constructed from durable materials, these poles boast an impressive 80-year service life and come with a 41-year warranty, providing long-term reliability and peace of mind. Their robust design ensures resilience against harsh weather conditions and environmental factors, making them suitable for various outdoor lighting installations.
  • Fixture Mounting Options: Offering multiple options for LED fixture mounting, these poles provide versatility in lighting design and placement. Whether for floodlights, area lighting, or other fixtures, the mounting options accommodate different illumination requirements, ensuring optimal lighting performance.

Additional Resources:

  • Click the image on the right for more comprehensive details.

Decorative Fiberglass Light Poles and Light Pole Bases

Access Fixtures provides decorative fiberglass light poles with base fiberglass that enhance aesthetics in various upscale environments.


  • Height Range: These decorative fiberglass light pole heights range from 8 feet to 18 feet, providing options suitable for different lighting requirements and architectural styles. Whether illuminating walkways, parks, or commercial areas, these poles can add elegance and charm to the surroundings.
  • Multiple Base Styles: Access Fixtures provides various styles of decorative cast fiberglass bases, allowing customers to choose the design that best complements their environment. These bases serve as functional supports and decorative elements, adding visual appeal to the lighting installation.
  • Installation Options: Customers can choose between bolt-down and direct burial installations, depending on their specific project needs and preferences. This versatility ensures compatibility with different mounting requirements and site conditions.
  • LED Post-Top Luminaires: These poles are available with multiple options for LED post-top luminaires, enabling customers to select fixtures that suit their lighting preferences and performance requirements. From traditional lantern styles to modern designs, the luminaires enhance the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the lighting installation.
  • Color Options: Access Fixtures offers these decorative fiberglass light poles and bases in numerous standard and custom RAL colors, allowing customers to customize the appearance to match their branding, architectural elements, or thematic preferences.

Additional Resources:

  • View details on the fluted fiberglass light pole specifications by clicking the images on the right. For a selection of post-top luminaires, click here.


Fiberglass light poles, also known as composite light poles, offer a remarkable combination of strength, durability, and resistance to various environmental factors. Their impact resistance, non-conductivity, and low maintenance requirements make them a reliable choice for a range of applications. Whether you need bolt-down round poles, segmented high mast poles, direct burial options, or decorative poles with bases, Access Fixtures provides versatile solutions tailored to meet specific project needs. With their advanced engineering and diverse range of offerings, fiberglass light poles stand out as resilient and cost-effective lighting solutions for various settings, ensuring longevity and performance even in challenging conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a fiberglass lighting pole stand out compared to traditional metal or concrete poles? Fiberglass light poles offer superior impact resistance, and non-conductive properties, and require no scheduled maintenance, making them more durable, safer, and cost-effective in the long run.

Are fiberglass light poles suitable for areas prone to corrosion or insect damage? Yes, fiberglass light poles are impervious to corrosion and resilient against insects and aggressive fauna, ensuring durability even in challenging outdoor settings.

Can fiberglass light poles be customized to match specific project requirements? Fiberglass light poles can be customized in shape, color, and size to meet the unique needs of any location or application, offering versatile solutions tailored to your project.

How do fiberglass light poles simplify the installation process? The lightweight and tapered design of fiberglass light poles significantly eases installation by reducing the need for heavy lifting equipment, lowering labor costs, and simplifying handling and transportation.