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Footcandles (FC) are a unit of measurement used in lighting design to quantify the illuminance or the amount of light that falls onto a surface.

Specifically, one footcandle is equivalent to one lumen per square foot.


Footcandles play a crucial role in various lighting applications, including architectural lighting design, outdoor lighting, photography, and industrial settings.

The recommended illuminance levels vary depending on the task or environment.

For instance, offices typically require around 30-50 footcandles, while detailed work or inspection areas may necessitate higher levels, reaching up to 100-200 footcandles.

To measure footcandles in a given space, professionals utilize light meters or illuminance meters. These tools precisely quantify the amount of light reaching a surface.

Understanding footcandles is fundamental in designing lighting schemes tailored to the specific needs of different environments.

This ensures the provision of adequate visibility and comfort for various tasks.

For personalized solutions to unique lighting challenges, it is advisable to consult with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.

Their expertise can guide the design of effective lighting solutions that meet specific requirements and enhance the overall lighting experience.