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LED Garage Lighting

Canopy Lights – Vandal Resistant – Linear Fixtures

Garage Lighting


Garage lighting fixtures include traditional-style garage lights, canopy lights, and linear fixtures are available in LED.

Vandal-resistant garage fixtures include heavy-duty housing and LED modules.

Vapor-proof garage lighters are available in various light sources to suit any application.

What are you lighting?

Access Fixtures specializes in parking garage lighting, residential garage lighting, and multi-level commercial garage lighting.

Types of Garage Lighting

Garage light fixtures are available for dry, wet, and dusty locations and our housing styles include linear, round, and square options.

We offer a range of wattages and lumen outputs to ensure you achieve the exact kind of lighting you need.

Whether you’re looking for a specific style, Kelvin temperature, or option (e.g., daylight harvesting) call us, and we will send you a few garage-light options.

Using a photometric analysis for your unique project, helps us to quantify light levels before you make any purchases.

Whether you’re lighting a commercial or residential garage, Access Fixtures has the efficient, durable, and long-lasting fixtures you’ll need.

Our LED fixtures are rated for 70,000 hours or greater and are all backed by a 5-year Access Fixtures factory warranty.

And most will ship within 2-4 weeks and we are happy to extend discounts for large-quantity orders.

Many garage fixtures use polycarbonate lenses; some are vandal resistant such as the ARTO 20w. It’s important to note there are pros and cons to both materials.

Please feel free to call a lighting specialist at 800-468-9925 to discuss.


Service Garage Lighting
Commercial Garage Lighting

EPTA Linear Fixtures

Access Fixtures’ linear EPTA LED fixture is a perfect garage lighting solution. It is sleek, efficient, and perfectly designed for a variety of locations.


  • L70 rated at over 200,000 hoursEPTA linear led fixture bracket mount
  • Access Fixtures 5-year warranty
  • Choice of 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K
  • Choice of many different optics for the most efficient lighting
  • 130 lumens per watt
  • Choice of wattages includes 20w, 30w, 60w, 90w, 120w, and 150w
  • Standard 70+ CRI but 80+ and 90+ available at a small additional cost
  • Mounting options include knuckle mount, bracket mount, and suspension cables
  • IP67 – Dustproof, bug-proof, waterproof and perfect for dirty and wet locations


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ANDO Canopy Lights

Access Fixtures’ LED canopy light is perfect for garages. It is available in a 20w vandal-resistant model as well which is perfect for high-traffic areas such as public parking garages.


  • L70 rated at over 70,000 hoursANDO 70w LED Canopy Light 120-277v - 70,000-Hour Life, 5-Year Warranty, IP65
  • Access Fixtures 5-year warranty
  • Choice of Kelvins
  • 70w or 20w
  • Comes in a vandal-resistant option
  • Standard 70+ CRI but 80+ and 90+ available at a small additional cost
  • Mounting options include knuckle mount, bracket mount, and suspension cables
  • IP65
  • 70+ CRI or 90+ CRI if vandal-resistant



ARTO Turtle Friendly Canopy Lights

Access Fixtures’ linear ARTO LED canopy fixture is a perfect garage lighting solution for those who need turtle-friendly lighting.


  • L70 rated at over 219,000 hours
  • Will not disturb wildlife — amber nanometer wavelengths
  • Access Fixtures 5-year warranty
  • Choice of housing color
  • Box mount or bracket mount
  • 44w or 57w
  • Optional surge protection
  • Optional motion sensor



Call an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about getting the Right Fixture

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Call an Access Fixtures lighting Specialist today!

We can help you find the right light fixture for your garage.

Access Fixtures provides commercial, industrial, and sporting facilities with the best lighting solutions using the right number of foot candles.

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