Inside a gun range in North Carolina there are 10 bays, each individually lit using 500w quartz lamps. Each of the 10 shooting bays have marks at 5, 10, 15, 20, and 25 yards. The shooting target can be placed at each of these marks. In order for the shooter to be able to see the target, there is a quartz light placed at each of these marks. While the lights make the target easier to see and allows for higher shooting efficiency, the outdated lighting technology continuously burns out due to the constant turning on and off of the lights over each mark.

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Quartz lights are not designed to be cycled on and off repeatedly meaning it takes time for the light to turn on each time it gets shut off. This creates an issue for a shooter who takes a shot at the target at the 10-yard mark, moves it to the 15-yard mark, and then wants to bring it back to the 10-yard mark. The lighting cannot cycle as quickly as the target and shooter can move, making it less efficient for the shooter to practice. In addition, this constant demand for the lights to turn on and off makes the lamps burn out more often, creating a higher maintenance cost for the shooting range.

The owner of a shooting range in North Carolina contacted Access Fixtures lighting specialists for a new lighting solution that would save time and money as well as provide a more efficient solution for everyone. A lighting specialist turned to the ever improving LED technology for the best solution. Dan suggested using 6-lamp high bays with T8 LED lamps inside. These TLEDs provided a light that is at least ⅓ brighter than the light from the existing quartz lamps at a fraction of the energy. Each existing fixture is using a 500w quartz lamp. The proposed solution will use a total of 108w per fixture, saving almost 80% on energy use per fixture.

Updated Technology

There is no question that LED lighting is the way to go. In this solution, we utilized T8 LED fixtures. However, we now offer EPTA linear fixtures which are L70 rated at a whopping 200,000 hours and IP67 rated. The EPTA is undoubtedly the best choice for lighting an indoor gun range in 2018. These fixtures will cost much less over time than traditional lighting. EPTA LED fixtures will not burn out due to constant cycling, and therefore will not need to be replaced frequently. The maintenance of the existing quartz lamps will be decreased immensely with the switch to LED. Quartz lamps are becoming scarce and more expensive. The reduction in energy use and maintenance costs will provide an ROI within 2-3 years of changing the lighting inside the shooting range to LED.

The benefits of changing to LED greatly outweigh any benefits of keeping the existing lighting system inside this shooting range. Patrons of the range will benefit from a crisper, clearer light inside the range, making it easier to see the targets they are shooting at.

If you have a similar project and are looking to minimize your energy use and maintenance bills, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist today!