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A customer contacted Access Fixtures needing to update the lighting in their indoor basketball court. At the time of the call, the gym was illuminated using eight 400w metal halide high bay luminaires. While the 400w MH luminaires provided enough light, the customer wanted to update to LED to improve light quality, have even light levels, decrease energy, and stop the frequently required maintenance due to burnt-out lamps and ballasts. Additionally, they wanted the instant-on capability that is inherent in LED lighting.

An Access Fixtures lighting specialist designed a lighting system matching the existing luminaires one-for-one using eight 160w LED high bays. This kept the light distribution of the original design. It also used the existing wiring minimizing labor cost to complete the project.

The LED high bay luminaires reduced energy use by 66%, providing equivalent light levels. Rated LM70 at 100,000 hours, the LED luminaires eliminate replacing metal halide lamps 6 times so that maintenance costs will be significantly reduced. Based on $0.25/kWh, which is the current cost in MA, assuming the gym lights are operating 12 hours per day 5 days per week, for 10 years each LED high bay will save about $2,400 for a total savings of over $19,000.00.

The LED high bays provide the instant-on capability that metal halide lacks, enabling the lights to be turned on and off without having to wait for restrike and warm-up time. This means the lights can remain off until needed, saving even more energy. Also, the quality of the light, measured by the color rendering index, is superior to metal halide. The illuminations are much more even too.

Do you want to update your lighting to LED? Contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.