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Access Fixtures has updated its HIIO LED high bay lights. HIIO has always been a high quality LED high bay that offers unique and convenient features to fulfill commercial, industrial and gymnasium lighting needs. The new and improved lineup of HIIO LED high bay lights comes with more features and options than ever. 

Selectable Wattage and Kelvin: Most HIIO LED high bay lights have selectable wattage. With the flip of a switch on the side of the fixture you can select the watt you prefer for bright, brighter, brightest. Some HIIO LED high bays have selectable Kelvin. With the flick of a switch choose warm light, cool light, or cooler light.  

Higher Lumens per Watt: HIIO LED high bays are able to emit 130 lumens per watt (LPW), 150 LPW, or 170 LPW depending on the model selected.

Plug-and-Play Controls: Most HIIO LED high bay fixtures are available with an optional plug-and-play controller that has an occupancy and daylighting microwave sensor. The sensor comes preprogrammed and can be easily reprogrammed with an easy to use remote hand held programming device. 

Previous features include:

  • IP65 rated so it is ready for wet and/or dirty locations
  • 1-10v dimming using a low voltage dimming control
  • 70+ color rendering for superior visibility

Long-lasting and efficient rated LM70 at 50,000 hours of life, these high bays will perform for years to come with little maintenance. HIIO also features two easy mounting options, ceiling hook or U-bracket.

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While HIIO is equipped with many cutting-edge features and requisite options, HIIO is also extremely affordable. HIIO luminaires are cost-effective enough for any budget, making them perfect for applications such as factories, warehouses, indoor sports arenas, gas stations, truck maintenance facilities and any other dusty or wet location. Even better, HIIO fixtures come with a five year Access Fixtures warranty.

To request a photometric analysis or to determine the best HIIO lighting setup for your application, please contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.

HIIO Led High Bay Light
Plug and Play Microwave and Daylight Occupancy Sensor
HIIO High Bay Remote Programmer Occupancy Daylight