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night basketballAccess Fixtures recently assisted the Massapequa Police Activity League to increase the use of their outdoor basketball court into the evening with LED basketball court lighting. The league had not had any lighting on the basketball court previously. They wanted to make the court safer and more welcoming for the evening activity by providing sufficient illumination for practices and games.

The league got in touch with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist, Stephanie, to discuss their options.  Although they now had funds to plan for installing fixtures, they had never budgeted for lighting a court in the past. They were looking to save as much money as possible on operating and maintenance costs. Our 378w full court 4 x 378w LED basketball lighting kit was recommended.

The basketball court lighting package features four 20 foot poles for even distribution of light, and four 378w LED shoebox fixtures which can light the entire court using a mere 1,512 watts total, in comparison to traditional pulse-start metal halide, which would use approximately 4,800 watts. In addition to their exemplary energy efficiency, LEDs have a long operating life of up to 100,000 hours, which virtually eliminates maintenance costs.

As an added benefit for nighttime play, there is no re-strike or warm-up period for LED fixtures. Referred to as instant-on/instant-off, players can begin practice or a game without having to wait for the lights to come on and then reach maximum output. The Massapequa Police Activity League was very happy with their new fixtures. Now, they can get the most out of their outdoor basketball court thanks to LED basketball court lighting from Access Fixtures.
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