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indoor tennis lighting

Indoor tennis court lit with Access Fixtures LED lights

Advancements in LED technology have continuously empowered Access Fixtures to unveil tennis court lighting systems.

Our tennis lighting systems surpass previous LED counterparts in light output and cost-effectiveness.

Access Fixtures’ latest LED tennis court lights deliver uniform foot candles across the entire court.

This ensures a high Color Rendering Index (CRI) and provides brilliant white light tailored for optimal visibility during tennis matches.

A noteworthy feature of Access Fixtures’ LED tennis court lighting systems is their LM70 rating for an impressive 100,000 hours.

Significantly reducing the need for maintenance and minimizing energy consumption.

Comprehensive LED tennis court lighting systems from Access Fixtures come with 25-foot poles, mounting hardware, and high-performance LED luminaires.

This offers a holistic solution for efficient court illumination.

These cutting-edge systems cater to various court configurations, including recreational, twin, park-level, club-level single, and club-level LED twin tennis courts.

Elevate your tennis court experience with the superior performance and cost-effectiveness of Access Fixtures’ LED lighting solutions.

Many are also making the switch to LEDs for environmental reasons as they are one of the greenest options in lighting today.

For your lighting queries or challenges, feel free to reach out to Access Fixtures at 800-468-9925. Our team is ready to provide tailored solutions for your lighting needs.