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The town of Roseboro, NC, recently approved the addition of an emergency helipad to be installed next to the town’s fire station. The addition of the helipad will greatly increase the town’s ability to quickly get patients the help they need. Lighting the helipad presented an interesting set of problems, but Access Fixtures was able to provide the exact lighting solution they needed.

Bright Lighting for Safety in Emergency Situations

In an emergency, every second counts. Also, no one under the spinning blades of a helicopter should have to feel around the shadows or fight the glare from an overpowered flood light. Roseboro needed to make sure the pathway was properly lit; there had to be enough light for people to safely travel to and from the helipad, but not so much that helicopter pilots would be blinded or distracted when trying to land. In other words, they needed fixtures that would be low to the ground and effectively distribute light.

15w LED Bollards for Emergency Helipad Pathway Lighting


Time and initial cost were also critical factors. Construction of the helipad was already well under way and the town wanted to find a cost-effective solution—fast. An Access Fixtures lighting specialist helped narrow down their selection—they were soon weighing the pros and cons of metal halides and LEDs. Roseboro decided to go with the LEDs, noting their cost- and energy efficiency, tremendous lifetime, and easy customization.

Energy-Efficient LED Bollards Won’t Break the Bank

LED technology continues to advance, and LED fixtures are now more affordable than ever before. They also offer significant long-term savings; they have a luminous efficacy that traditional fixtures simply cannot match. LEDs are efficient, but they also have an average lifespan of 100,000 hours, virtually eliminating the cost of maintenance.

With these benefits in mind, the town of Roseboro opted for LED bollards to light their pathway. Bollards are available in a variety of styles, with each one affecting the direction and intensity of the emitted light. After reviewing our selection, Roseboro knew they wanted a bollard with either Type 5 glass or a specialized aluminum cone reflector.

Saving Time, Money, and Lives

With their time constraints in mind, the town of Roseboro opted for 12w LED Round Dome Top Bollards with Type 5 Glass; these were more affordable and quicker to produce. Access Fixtures was able to complete the order in a matter of days. Patients, pilots, and EMTs will soon be able to safely navigate the helicopter pad at night and provide effective emergency care.