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100w Equivalent LED Wall Pack Pricing

Since LED prices have decreased, there is now little difference between the price of an LED wall pack and a metal halide wall pack.

LEDs Have Superior Lumen Maintenance

HID lamps suffer 40% lumen depreciation during the first half of their lives. LEDs have high lumen maintenance.

Replacing 100w Lamps vs. Never Replacing Burnt-Out Lamps

100w HID lamps need to be replaced every 7,500 to 10,000 hours. LED lasts 50,000 to 100,000 hours, enhancing safety and reducing maintenance.

Many 100w-Equivalent LED Wall Packs Have Rebates

Rebates are frequently available for 100w equivalent LED wall packs. Ask your Access Fixtures lighting specialist for more information.

3 LED Wall Packs That Replace 100w HID Wall Packs:

Access Fixtures Lighting Specialists Can Make This Simple

If your wall packs are showing significant signs of age and light degradation, now is the time to upgrade. Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for high-quality lighting, including T5, PSMH, and LED industrial and warehouse lighting. If you’d rather have an Access Fixtures lighting specialist tell you about it or if you need help placing an order, call us at 800-468-9925. Our customer service team is located in Worcester, MA, and is ready to get you the fixtures you need.