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The old adage is, “A penny saved is a penny earned.” Today, with energy costs typically above $0.15/kWh, and in many areas increasing to $.25 per kWh, the obvious way to save (or not to spend) is by converting outdated T12 and T8 linear fluorescent lighting and HID lighting to LED lighting.

Reasons to change to LED lighting are well understood by the carwash industry. Owners and operators recognize the significantly better light from LEDs, the elimination of maintenance, and of course the dramatic power savings by using LED lighting versus metal halides and fluorescent lighting. Ask any carwash owner who has switched. In all likelihood they will have quickly recouped their investment, because the average payback is typically 24 months or less.

Carwashes that have not upgraded should do so now. Every day they fail to change to LED, they continue to lose cash. The only question should be, “How do I select the right LED lighting for my carwash?” Considerations are as follows. An Access Fixtures Lighting specialist will be glad to assist you.

This is the process.

1. Typically your carwash was designed with the appropriate amount of lighting. If there are dark or under illuminated areas, bring it to your lighting specialist’s attention. He or she will fix that with the new LED lighting.

2. Provide the lighting specialist with a list of each current lighting fixture and the type of lamp it uses. For instance a wall pack may use a 150-watt metal halide lamp.

3. The lighting specialist will match each fixture one for one. This way labor costs are minimized. The new LED fixtures will be located in the place of the old ones eliminating the need for new wiring. Since the power required by the LEDs is far less than the previous lighting, there is virtually always enough power already provided.

4. Select 3 local electricians from your local Better Business Bureau website. Have each electrician draw up a price quote to replace the old light fixtures with the new LED light fixtures.

5. Hire the best electrician to install you new LED lighting.

You can stop wasting energy and burning cash now. Every dollar you don’t spend falls to the bottom line increasing the profitably of your carwash. Be sure to contact your Access Fixtures lighting specialist today.