Access Fixtures is pleased to announce a new product from its ever-expanding line of sports lighting packages — soccer field lighting. Because the footcandle requirements for lighting soccer fields vary wildly depending on the level of play (from 20 footcandles at a bare minimum to a whopping 225 footcandles!) there are no one-click solutions here. Instead, Access Fixtures is working with photometric analysis software and recent projects to determine the best way to custom-light soccer fields at every level of play. Recreational soccer fields tend to have the lowest footcandle requirements while soccer fields upon which World Cup games are played require the highest level of illumination.

soccer field night led

“Soccer fields are often huge projects that require enormous amounts of light depending on the circumstances,” says Access Fixtures CEO Steve Rothschild. “It really only makes sense to approach them on a case-by-case basis, and we’ve sure got the experience to do it.”

Another quirk about soccer fields is that there is no standard length and width. Standard soccer field sizes can range from 100-130 yards long (from goal to goal) and 50-100 yards wide, and much of this depends on the age of the players and the level of play. By using photometric analysis, Access Fixtures can determine the right number of fixtures and the best wattage and placement for your particular soccer application.


An APTI-tude for Soccer Field Lighting


Although lighting for soccer fields can be complex,  Access Fixtures has determined that their APTI high-powered LED sports lighter is a fantastic fixture for any soccer lighting project.  APTI is a sleek, modern LED sports lighter that boasts remarkable lumen output and extreme life at over 200,000 hours. These fixtures can be mounted on poles with slip-fitter mounts and vertical tenons that allow for APTI 463w Marine Turtle Flood Light 120-277v: Long Life LED slip fitter detailmovement and pivoting. APTI is a fully sealed, tough, waterproof, and easy to replace fixture that comes equipped with a 5-year Access Fixtures warranty. Bird spikes are available to protect fixtures from nesting birds. Due to the nature of soccer field lighting, the number and wattage of your APTI fixtures may vary.



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