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Access Fixtures is pleased to introduce another complete LED tennis court lights package, in addition to their other tennis court packages already available. This package was specifically created for  2 + 2 tennis courts, or four tennis courts in total. 30’ 7-gauge square steel poles support the luminaires, which are fitted to the poles via quad bullhorns, double bullhorns, or slip-fitters. The lighting package is equipped with a total of nine poles and 20 APTI lighting fixtures, as well as the necessary mounting bullhorns, slip-fitters, and mounting hardware. Access Fixtures conducted photometric analyses and additional research to determine the correct quantity, height, and wattage of the fixtures in this package. When lighting a tennis court, care must be taken to eliminate dark areas and shadows. This package reaches over 30 footcandles and a max/min ratio of 2.0. A ratio of 3.0 or under indicates even lighting across each tennis court.

“This tennis court lighting package is perfect for multi-court setups,” says Access Fixtures CEO Steve Rothschild. “Being able to play tennis at night is becoming more and more popular.”


Sports LEDs that Deliver

The lighting fixture used in this new tennis court package is the APTA, a high-powered LED sports lighter that boasts 200,000 hours of life and 80+ CRI. In addition, these modular fixtures are IP67-rated and completely protected against dust and water. Individual modules

614-Watt LED Sport Light Fixtures - Flatmake this luminaire simple to replace if the need arises. APTI fixtures combine modern design with practical durability. The APTI sports lighters in this package are fitted with two different styles of optics in order to create the most natural and even lighting over four courts. Customers can purchase bird spikes to protect the outdoor tennis court lighting from birds for years to come.


About Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for commercial, industrial, hospitality and sports high-performance lighting solutions. With custom manufacturing capabilities, Access Fixtures builds durable, long-life LED luminaires for general lighting applications and specialty markets including transportation, freight terminals, sports fields and arenas, clean rooms, power plants, warehouses, and manufacturing facilities. Luminaire types include wall packs, area lights, bollard lights, sports lights, post top and high bays. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at