Tennis Court Lighting Packages

Tennis court lighting packages from Access Fixtures are built complete with poles, high-output LED fixtures, and all necessary mounting hardware. We’ve designed courts that achieve the required light levels for recreation, club, competition, and NCAA-level play. Do you have a unique tennis court or specific requirements to hit? Access Fixtures has a team of lighting specialists and photometric engineers who can provide a custom solution for any tennis court and ensure your court is perfectly lit.

Tennis Court Lights – Built to Last

tennis court lighting LEDAll tennis packages from Access Fixtures include the fixtures, mounts, and poles you need to light your tennis court(s). Our range of options includes lower-level recreational courts all the way up to televised, competition-level courts, making it easy to select the appropriate package for you. For any of these options, the price you see on our site is what you pay—there are no hidden fees or costs (we’ll even pay for shipping). You will receive high-quality, high-performance fixtures that are dependable and built to last. Most fixtures in our packages are rated to last for over 100,000 hours.

Our tennis fixtures, poles, and hardware are all protected from rust and corrosion by a chromate conversion coating followed by a powder coat of paint. The consistent durability of every component ensures years of hassle-free lighting. Additionally, poles are heat treated to guarantee weather resistance and rigidity. Some of the fixtures in these packages use die-cast aluminum housings, while others use cold-forged steel. Both materials help lengthen the life of the fixtures by protecting the components. Passive temperature regulation ensures many years of reliable performance without the use of fans or other cooling devices.





Superior Photometric Analyses

Take the guesswork out of selecting tennis court lights. Access Fixtures lighting specialists can provide you with a proposed lighting solution from the result of carrying out a photometric analysis. In many cases, we have these reports already available us and you can view them right on our site. If you have a custom court or need different data, we can run a personalized report just for you.

A photometric analysis is a great way to view a proposed lighting solution and the light output over a given area prior to purchasing the luminaires. Its main objective is to determine if the your plan will meet your requirements. Are the light levels sufficient? Are you using too many or not enough fixtures? How many foot candles does your project require? Will light from your tennis court spill onto neighboring properties? We can provide you with answers to these questions and many more. A photometric simulation shows advanced results and allows both the Access Fixtures team and you to make changes to the layout before making any decisions. Every tennis lighting package is analyzed by our specialists using specialized photometric software. Using three-dimensional court rendering images, light level diagrams, and distribution graphs (at ground level, 5’, 10’, and above), we test and rate each system for recreational, club, or competition-level tennis use. These comprehensive reports give you peace of mind that the package you have chosen will perfectly suit your court.

Energy-Saving Technology: LED vs. PSMH

tennis court lighting PSMHFor years, pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) fixtures were the de facto standard for tennis court lighting. Most facilities opted for 1000w or 1500w sports lighters and had terrific success with them. However, LED technology has more than caught up in efficiency, affordability, and ease of customization. Access Fixtures can now offer LED tennis court solutions that provide more light than older PSMH packages with ROIs that are realized faster than ever before. Our packages will save you up to 60% on energy costs; with L70 rated lives of 100,000 hours, 200,000 hours, and beyond, maintenance is almost unnecessary.

If you’re on the fence about switching to LED, contact Access Fixtures today and one of our team members can discuss the pros and cons of both technologies with you.


Complete Lighting Packages

All of Access Fixtures tennis court lighting packages have been purposely designed and analyzed to ensure consistent, quality lighting for every size tennis courts. Each packages contain all poles, luminaires, lamps, and mounting hardware. Our lighting specialists work with you individually to ensure you get a custom solution for your project. Does your tennis court have existing poles or other unique requirements that need to be taken into account? We can help explore products, options and layouts to provide you with a custom solution which is specified to meet your needs.

High Quality, Low Pricing

Don’t compromise on quality. All Access Fixtures tennis court lighting packages ship directly from assembly plants in the United States and are priced to save you money. Each package is made to the highest quality, available to you at an excellent price. Your lighting solution will contain everything required to get the best lighting for your project, short of the concrete and installation team. Do you have a budget to work with? Call a tennis lighting specialist to discuss your project – we’ll find something to suit your budget and needs.

Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist about Choosing the Right Fixture

It’s important to know what you’re buying. We’re here to give you all the information you need. Do you have a specific budget or requirement to meet? No problem—we will be glad to help get you answer. We want to make sure you get the exact fixture for your needs, your budget, and your goals. To speak with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist, call (800) 468-9925.