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A report by the Department of Energy shows that market penetration for LED lighting is steadily growing. Energy savings and a long-term reduction in maintenance costs have made LED lighting a compelling option for property managers. However, transitioning away from traditional fixtures can be tricky and the initial cost can be daunting. Customers frequently want to know which route is the most cost-effective; is it better to replace an entire fixture or invest in LED retrofit kits?

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What Are LED Wall Pack Retrofit Kits?

Recently, we received a call from a customer seeking to replace his outdated metal halide wall packs. He was looking for an LED wall pack replacement. LED retrofit kits use the existing fixture housing emptied of all its components. New LED retrofit kits and LED drivers are installed in the body of the fixture. A retrofit kit has classically been the cheaper option at installation. However, they are less efficient than new LED wall packs and require more labor to install. They also tend to have a shorter operating life (rated at 50,000 hours) than most new LED wall packs, which often have impressive ratings of 100,000 hours or longer.

Are Retrofit Kits Still Cost-Effective Ways to Upgrade to LED Wall Packs?

LED production is becoming less and less expensive as manufacturing methods and materials improve. LED lighting on the market is more affordable than ever, and equivalent retrofit kits are no longer guaranteed to be the cheapest possible option. If customers can now purchase a full LED wall pack fixture for the same cost as LED retrofit kits for wall packs, can a case ever be made to install an LED retrofit kit?

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70w vs 32w

70w PSMH vs. 32w LED Wall Pack

The decision to either retrofit a current wall pack or replace the entire wall pack most likely depends on whether or not the current wall pack has some unique design or historical relevance. Even then, the decision ultimately depends on the quality of the existing fixture housings. If the existing wall packs are dingy, cracked, weathered, generally unserviceable, or have bad gaskets, it makes more sense to seek a full replacement. Choosing an LED retrofit kit for wall packs can also be difficult. Consumers need to consider the type of wall packs they have installed and find an LED retrofit kit for wall packs that will fit. Installing the wrong retrofit kit will greatly reduce the lighting quality and efficiency of the LED.

Replacing the LED Wall Pack Is Faster and Cheaper

As the LED boom continues, LED wall pack replacements will eventually become a necessary step for any property. Upgrading now will save more energy in the long term and will virtually eliminate maintenance costs. Finding an equivalent LED wall pack replacement for metal halide is simpler than finding an LED retrofit kit compatible with the existing fixtures.

Return on Investment by Replacing a Wall Pack with an LED Wall Pack

150w vs. 63w

150w Metal Halide vs. 63w LED

In this case, the customer opted to replace his old metal halide wall packs with new LED wall packs rather than install 50w LED retrofit kits. With the objective of increasing light levels for enhanced safety and also limit energy costs and maintenance, he chose 32w high output LED large traditional wall packs to replace his 70w metal halide wall packs and a 63w high output LED large traditional wall packs to replace his 150w MH wall packs.

The 32w LED wall packs will increase light output by about 50% while reducing energy use by 64%. Each 23w LED wall pack will save the customer $843.00 over 10 years. The 63w LED wall packs will increase light output by about 67% while reducing energy use by 66%. Each 63w LED wall pack will save around $1,745.00 over 10 years.

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The Verdict—Replace the Old Wall Packs with New LED Wall Packs

By choosing to replace the old wall packs with new LED wall packs, the customer will save money on initial cost, energy costs (thanks to superior LED efficiency), and maintenance costs (given LEDs’ longer operating life of 100,000 hours).

Access Fixtures Lighting Specialists Can Make This Simple

If your wall packs are showing significant signs of age and light degradation, now is the time to upgrade. Access Fixtures is your factory-direct source for high-quality lighting, including T5, PSMH, and LED industrial and warehouse lighting. If you’d rather have an Access Fixtures lighting specialist tell you about it or if you need help placing an order, call us at 800-468-9925. Our customer service team is located in Worcester, MA, and is ready to get you the fixtures you need.