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A number of LED wall packs by Access Fixtures are now priced below their pulse-start metal halide (PSMH) equivalents. While using significantly less energy and with many costing the same or priced within $50.00, LED wall packs are not only viable, they are the best choice for lighting projects.

Measuring two wall packs with similar lumen outputs, the price for LED in some instances may be the same, while in many instances it will be within $50. It’s no longer a significant premium to purchase an LED wall pack as opposed to a PSMH wall pack. The premium for LED wall packs can quickly be saved through energy savings and lower maintenance. Many LED wall packs are LM80 at 50,000 hours, meaning they will likely run maintenance-free for 50,000 hours and still put out 80% of the original light levels. At 50,000 hours, PSMH wall packs will have experienced up to four lamps replacements and potentially a ballast replacement.

It’s important for property managers to look closely at the value LED brings. LED luminaires can often be lower priced than their PSMH equivalents, which were formerly the industry standard. While not all LED wall packs are lower priced, the fact that many are demonstrates the rapid advancements in LED technology.

Many of the Access Fixtures LED wall packs are Assembled in USA with major brand-name components. To find the best wall pack for your lighting project, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.