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As LED wall packs gain market share the most common designs for wall packs will most likely change.   LED wall packs do not effectively use prismatic lenses like more traditional light sources.  The optics of the fixture do not work the same way.  Consequently, LED wall packs are more likely to be designed to use clear or frosted non-prismatic lenses.

Up to now, the most popular commercial wall packs were the type that had prismatic lenses made of either polycarbonate or heavy borosilicate glass.  The wall packs most often use metal halide, high-pressure sodium, or compact fluorescent lamps and ballasts.  The prismatic lens, when properly formed and used provides a refractor-type effect that diffuses and distributes the light with minimal light loss.  The net effect is the light can be directed down or out, and the prismatic lens reduces glare, makes looking at the light less blinding, and effectively distributes the light.


Medium LED Wall Pack

Medium Wall Pack with Prismatic Borosilicate Glass by Access Fixtures

LED wall packs are more likely to be designed to use clear or frosted non-prismatic lenses.  When LEDs are used in wall packs with borosilicate glass, the optics of the fixture do not work the same way.  For the LEDs to be effective they have to hit the glass at different angles.  In most instances, this impedes the performance of the LEDs and the total light output.  Efficacy can be lowered by modifying the placement of the LEDs to regain quality optics.

LED Wall Pack Full Cutoff

LED Wall Pack Full Cutoff

LED Wall Pack with Full Cut-Off Optics – Series C Wall Pack by Access Fixtures

The Series C Wall Pack uses Xicato LED Modules and advanced Xitanium Drivers.

The primary reason for the photometric change is the difference in the light source.  Metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and compact fluorescent lamps blast light in all directions.  LEDs are a point source.  This is similar to why a halogen filament can be directed in a PAR38, and fluorescent coils in the same lamp shell blow light everywhere.

While LED wall packs will still be made and sold with prismatic lenses because there will be traditionalists who want prismatic lenses, LED wall packs with clear and frosted lenses should be considered first.  To do so, it must be considered what is being lit and/or where the light is to be directed.  A full cut-off luminaire such as the wall pack shown above effectively lights the area below it and will not be blinding to people as they approach where it is mounted.  The Series C Wall Pack is also Dark Sky compliant as it has full cut-off optics.

If the light is to be directed out or at something an adjustable LED wall pack is a superior choice.  Featuring clear glass the LED point source can beam spread can be controlled and the light can be directed where it is desired. When lighting objects or areas though, it must be considered if the LED light source will shine in peoples’ eyes.  The LEDs can be very intense when directly viewed.

Adjustable LED Wall Pack

Adjustable LED Wall Pack by Access Fixtures

This wall pack can be wall or pole-mounted.

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