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LED Wildlife Friendly Lighting

Bollard Lights – Wall Packs – Flood Lights

Wildlife Lighting – Illuminate Roads, Walkways, and Parking Spaces While Minimizing the Effects of Lighting on Wildlife


Wildlife lighting from Access Fixtures features LEDs that emit light in a wavelength safe for wildlife in coastal areas, roads, walkways, and parking lots. These LED fixtures safely illuminate areas while also protecting and minimizing the effect of light pollution on our wildlife.


Why Wildlife Lighting?

While outdoor lighting is often mandatory for human visibility and safety, artificially manufactured light can be a severe threat to wildlife. For hundreds of years, regular lighting has had a damaging effect on wildlife by disturbing their natural behavior.

Light pollution in the form of standard lighting negatively impacts these animals by essentially turning their nights into days, disrupting their circadian rhythms. These lights can attract wildlife such as turtles and frogs to areas considered harmful, such as roadways and commercial locations.

The light emitted from Access Fixtures wildlife-friendly lighting is almost invisible to these animals; they do not see the light and therefore are not drawn toward buildings, bollards, and parking lots. LED wildlife lighting is available in bollards, wall packs, floods, garage lighters, and more.

A study carried out by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institute explains that “sea turtle populations have suffered declines worldwide, and their recovery largely depends upon managing the effects of expanding human populations.”

Whether for sea turtles or other animals, light pollution is one of the easiest problems to solve. The same study also notes a simple way to guarantee effective wildlife lighting: “Keep it long, keep it low, and keep it shielded.”


Wildlife Lighting Components

These LED wildlife-friendly lights are classified by the color of their light, but unlike typical LED lamps, these fixtures do not use Kelvin temperatures. In place of Kelvin temperature options, the lights are set to a specific wavelength of 590 nanometers.

This range is a critical element in wildlife-friendly lighting because it is not visible to animals. Though there is no direct substitute for a naturally dark environment, these fixtures reduce light pollution in areas where excessive artificial lighting can harm ecosystems.

Many animals use the presence or absence of natural light (often the moon) as a reference for their movement. For instance, when baby turtles hatch on the beach, their instincts tell them to follow the white light of the moon back to the ocean.

If a housing development has white LED lights in its parking lot, the turtle hatchlings may head toward it instead of the ocean. With wildlife and turtle-friendly lights from Access Fixtures, the harmful pollution effects on these animals can be lessened.



Speak to an Access Fixtures Lighting Specialist

Access Fixtures has the right wildlife-friendly fixtures to suitably illuminate your property and protect nearby wildlife.

All wildlife-friendly fixtures available at Access Fixtures are energy-efficient and long-lasting, with minimal maintenance required. It is important to check with local ordinances to identify any species that may be affected by light and the nanometer of light required.

If a different nanometer of light (besides 590–610 nm) is required by local ordinances, we can still help by providing a custom solution. For all your lighting questions, talk with an Access Fixtures lighting specialist at 800-468-9925.