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A customer contacted Access Fixtures with a unique sports lighting application. The homeowner had created a combination sand volleyball and ice hockey rink. In the summer, the sport lighting was filled with sand on the bottom and a volleyball net for competitive games with family and friends. When winter came, instead of spending all of their time indoors, the active family filled the court with water and transformed it into a hockey rink. There was only one thing missing: LIGHT! Every evening, the games ended once the sun went down.
IMG_1287Access Fixtures designed a lighting system using LED flood lights that illuminate the court so the family and friends can play at all hours. An Access Fixtures lighting specialist had to consider two major issues:

1. Light Trespass: To prevent light trespass, the poles were placed near the property line, with the light facing towards the house and away from the neighbor’s property. By facing the lights away from the neighbor’s property, the neighbors will not have light shining into their windows.

2. Shadows: The client was advised that she might deal with more shadows without light coming from the other side of the court, where she was installing a beautiful patio area. To minimize shadows, 25-foot poles were used instead of the typical 20-foot to get more lighting overhead. Access Fixtures also recommended two fixtures mounted on the side of the house that can be turned on when they want to reduce shadows.

Two 210w LED flood lights were mounted on top of the poles. Compared to HID sources, these fixtures reduce energy use and maintenance, have instant on/off capability, and enable them to use lighter gage wire. Now, the family can play volleyball or skate past dusk right into the evening.

To find a solution for your sports lighting application, contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.