WORCESTER, Mass., Sept. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Access Fixtures is able to use photometric analysis software and expertise to design optimal lighting systems for indoor and outdoor applications. The software allows lighting specialists to analyze light distribution levels of Access Fixtures’ lamps and fixtures before they are delivered to the client. In addition to sports lighting, the software can evaluate the light output for any application such as wall packs on the outside of buildings or high bays in warehouses.

“Photometric software enables our customers to see their lighting system before they actually receive it,” said Access Fixtures Sales Manager, Dan Rodriguez. He continued, “This way, our clients are receiving the accurate amount of lamps or fixtures right away, which nearly eliminates the possibility of having to alter it after they receive it.”

Using photometric software, Access Fixtures’ lighting specialist can run photometric analysis using a three dimensional software program. This allows the lighting specialists to determine the amount of lamps and location of fixtures to meet the desired light distribution levels. With information provided by the client, Access Fixtures is able to quickly use photometric analysis software to better reach clients’ requests. A lighting specialist will design a lighting system after gathering information about measurements, desired light output, and architectural appeal. With photometric software, Access Fixtures can present different configurations to the client and easily alter to their requests. Lighting systems can be customized for various needs, like energy efficiency, light output, or low cost. For example, an industrial warehouse is looking to replace an outdated T12 high bay lighting system with more efficient T5 high bay fixtures.

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Access Fixtures is your source for high-performance lighting solutions. Specializing in factory­-direct commercial, industrial, hospitality, and sports lighting, Access Fixtures offers luminaires and packages including wall packs, area lights, bollard lights, garage lighters, vandal-­resistant lights, exit and emergency lights, high bays, low bays, and vapor-tight luminaires. For more information, visit Access Fixtures at www.accessfixtures.com.