A manager at a country club contacted Access Fixtures looking for a solution to a unique situation. This client had a mixed use court for sports that needed to be lit along with a new putting green that was going in. Existing lighting for the sports lighting was old inefficient halogen light fixtures on top of a pole that interrupted members’ view of the surrounding area. The pole was going to be removed, but the client still needed a way to light the sports lighting and the new putting green. What was the solution?

An Access Fixtures lighting specialist recommended using 90-degree brackets designed to be mounted to a wall along with a slip fitter to hold medium sized area lights. The design allows the fixtures to be mounted on the framing under the deck out of the view of members while providing sufficient illumination to the putting green and sports area. The bracket and slip fitter mount enables the facility manager to adjust the direction of the fixture, ensuring the light is directed in the appropriate direction. 250w pulse start-metal halide lamps and ballasts were used inside the new area light luminaires to maximize light output.

Success! The new lighting mounted on the framing below the deck has enabled the facilities manager of the club to remove the old pole and halogen fixtures on site, make the area more appealing to members and visitors, and properly light the venue. Guests are now able to sit on the deck, or look out the windows with an unobstructed view.

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