A customer recently asked if Access Fixtures sold bollard lights that can operate on 347 volts. While this is not a standard option for Access Fixtures light bollards, we can make 347v light bollards. Landscape lighting running on 347v such as 347v light bollards are rarely requested. Few want to run that kind of high voltage underground to outdoor light sources. Of course if you manage a large commercial or municipal facility that uses 347v, the line is already run, and you need to keep the line run at 347v for other purposes, this makes perfect sense.

Quite often, Access Fixtures develops and delivers lighting solutions for custom applications beyond what is listed on the website. Access Fixtures has huge selection of stock bollard lights that are available for quick shipment. In this case, we can meet the needs of someone who needs a luminaire that will run on 347 volts, but it will require additional production time before it is able to ship.

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