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Recently, a customer inquired about Access Fixtures’ ability to provide bollard lights that can operate on 347 volts.

Access Fixtures excels in accommodating unique requirements, including producing 347-volt light bollards upon request.

Notably, landscape lighting utilizing 347 volts, such as light bollards, is not commonly sought after.

Installation of high-voltage underground wiring for outdoor lighting applications is a rarity due to the complexity and challenges involved.

Once 347-volt lines are already established and maintained for various purposes, this lighting solution becomes a sensible choice for expansive commercial or municipal facilities.

347v VAND Styled LED Bollard

Access Fixtures takes pride in going beyond the standard product offerings listed on the website.

The company routinely develops and delivers customized lighting solutions tailored to unique specifications.

While Access Fixtures maintains a substantial inventory of stock bollard lights.

Available for prompt shipment, cases involving non-standard voltage requirements may necessitate additional production time.

For a detailed discussion about your lighting inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact an Access Fixtures lighting specialist.

They are equipped to explore the full spectrum of your lighting needs and provide tailored guidance and solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Elevate your lighting experience with Access Fixtures’ commitment to flexibility and excellence in lighting solutions.