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A customer called Access Fixtures with a somewhat common dilemma. She needed to light a sports area on her property, but didn’t want to obstruct the beautiful view with poles. She wanted to avoid using 20-foot poles to light the shuffleboard court. Her objective was to light the sports area while preserving the view of the landscape.

Most of the action takes place on or near the ground, so lighting the shuffleboard court without poles was possible. Access Fixtures used photometric analysis software to design a solution. Using 42w fluorescent round dome top bollards with louvers, Access Fixtures lighting specialists were able to avoid disrupting the view while effectively lighting the space. Instead of 20-foot poles, the bollard lights are only 42 inches tall. The 42w fluorescent lamps keep energy costs as well as any maintenance easy.

With this solution, the customer will enjoy the view of the rolling hills without poles in the way.

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With this beautiful view, a unique lighting solution is needed.



Bollard lights safely illuminate the court without disrupting the view.