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Bollards and voltages lighting question: Installed bollard lights on a 120v line, but it’s a 208v. Do I need to rip them out?

In a moment of urgency, an electrical contractor reached out to Access Fixtures.

Distressed over a predicament with recently purchased and installed 120v bollard lights.

The primary issue surfaced when it was discovered that the voltage supplied to the bollards was, in fact, 208v.

Rather than removing the bollard lights, Access Fixtures’ adept lighting specialist, Dan Rodriguez, swiftly identified an innovative solution.

24W Color Adjustable Bollard LED Retrofit

Image of an LED lamp 120v – 277v used in Bollards

Dan proposed the use of 120v-277v A19 style LED lamps.

Designed specially to function seamlessly within the existing bollard lights, adapting to the 208 line voltage.

The LED lamps effortlessly screwed into the sockets, promptly and effectively illuminating the designated area.

This resourceful solution not only averted a potential crisis for the contractor but also showcased the expertise and problem-solving prowess of Dan Rodriguez.

Kudos to Dan for navigating the contractor’s quagmire with ingenuity and efficiency.

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